The famous Rampage campaign has returned for its third run in Garena Free Fire under the name of New Dawn. This time, the story revolves around 4 protagonists - the Mythos Four and their journey to take down the villains. Garena will release costume bundles based on the Mythos Four. So far, the Frost Sabertooth bundle has been released in the campaign. And now, we can get the Shadow Earthshaker bundle for free!

Shadow Earthshaker Bundle in Free Fire

The Shadow Earthshaker is one of the Mythos Four. Players can get the bundle by completing quests in Free Fire for free. You can claim tokens from doing missions daily then use the tokens to exchange for rewards in the event shop.

Fre Fire Rampage New Dawn Protogonists
Join the Mythos Four in the fight for their freedom.

There are four paths that players have to clear in the Rampage: New Dawn campaign. Each of them corresponds to one of the Mythos Four member's journeys. In order to claim the Shadow Earthshaker bundle for free, you have to complete all four paths.

Free Fire Rampage: Battle of The New Dawn Event

The Battle of The New Dawn event consists of 4 paths, each comes with a different set of quests that players have to complete. By clearing all four paths, you will unlock access to the Shadow Earthshaker bundle for free. On top of that, you can also claim Might of Mythos tokens as another free reward.

Rampage New Dawn Events
Claim the Shadow Earthshaker in Free Fire in the Battle of The New Dawn.

The Might of Mythos tokens can be used to redeemed various items from the exchange shop of the event. Here's a full list of redeemable rewards:

  • Mythos Dreki – Pet skin
  • Azure Strombringer Banner
  • Frost Sabertooth Avatar
  • Monster Truck Skin -Sabertooth
  • Volcanic Whirlwind Banner & Avatar
  • Shadow Earthshaker Avatar & Banner
  • Frost Sabertooth Banner
  • Sabertooth Pin
  • Sabertooth Loot Box
  • Stormbringer Pin
  • Earthshaker Grenade skin
  • Login Reward: Stormbringer Swing Bat
Free Fire Rampage Bundle
The Shadow Earthshaker

The missions in the Battle of The New Dawn event are easy for everyone to complete. Here are the missions and their token rewards in Free Fire:

Battle Of The New Dawn
Complete all four paths with Might of Mythos tokens.
  • Play 1 game - 1 token
  • Defeat 3 enemies - 1 token x3
  • Play 5 games - 1 token x5
  • Booyah in 1 game - 2 tokens

Therefore, if you complete all of the daily missions, you can get 10 Might of Mythos tokens per day. Completing your Mythos partner's missions will double the number of tokens you can earn. Also, daily missions reset at 4 AM daily.

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How to Claim Shadow Earthshaker Bundle For Free In Free Fire?

Once players have acquired enough Might of Mythos tokens, follow the steps below to claim the Shadow Earthshaker without spending any Diamonds:

Free Fire Rampage 3 0
Claim your free bundle!
  • #1 Launch Garena Free Fire and access the Events page.
  • #2 Choose the Rampage: New Dawn campaign.
  • #3 Go to the Battle of The New Dawn event page.
  • #4 Use Might of Mythos tokens to complete all four paths in the event. Each "Forward" move costs 2 tokens.
  • #5 When all of the paths are clear, the Mythos Four has successfully escaped and you can claim your rewards for free.
Daily Summon
Do your daily summon!

Tips: Remember to play the "Daily Summon" event. Each summons will give you 2 Might of Mythos Tokens and 1 pet food for free. It also accumulates logins to unlock more rewards. So don't skip it.

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