Garena Free Fire has continued to grow in 2021. While consistently staying in the top ten most downloaded mobile games on both Android and iOS (based on Sensor Tower's reports), the game was also nominated for Esports Mobile Game of the Year.

Garena Free Fire Banned 1,058,472 Accounts
Garena Free Fire Banned 1,058,472 Accounts

To ensure player experience, Garena has constantly updated the game with new anti-cheats while dealing with hackers. The last banwave has dealt with over a million hacking accounts... and in this article, we are going to analyze them to see which cheat is the most popular amongst hackers.

About the banwave

Hacking has become the most problematic aspect of Free Fire Esports, with quite a few squads getting caught for cheating in the tournaments. This affects both fair play and the game's competitive integrity. They are only detected in the later rounds of tournaments where the admins look into the matches more closely.

They are also going wild in normal unranked play as well. The automatic anti-cheat system can't detect all of the hacks, with over 55% of cheaters were banned by players' reports. A total of 1,058,472 accounts have been banned by Free Fire over the past two weeks for using various hacks.

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Which cheat is the most popular amongst hackers?

Below is a detailed list of the hacking software used by banned cheaters in the last 2 weeks:


Auto-aim or aimbot is the most popular hack, with it being the reason behind 68.6% of the ban. This cheat uses 3rd party script to move the cursor towards enemies' heads automatically. With this hack, you can headshot with just about any weapon in the game, even if you are using an SMG at long range.

Headshot an enemy using aimbot

This is also the easiest cheat to get reported.


About 17% of banned hackers use teleportation hacks. With this cheat, they can move from one location to another instantly - perfect for entering the safe zone at any time.


This cheat lets players see and shoot through walls, which is highly unfair and easily detected.


2% of players were banned for unspecified reasons. Furthermore, over 13,000 players who partied with hackers were also punished. Having a hacker in the team lets the squad climb ranks easily, without the risks of getting banned.

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