Lootcase, Chaman Bahar, or Bahut Hua Samman are amongst the most underrated Bollywood movies in the year 2020. These are impressive movies but become flops for some reasons such as bad PR campaigns or unexplained lack of audience’s attention. Let Gurugamer.com introduce to you the list of the most underrated Bollywood movies this year!

Ram Singh Charlie

The movie revolves around Ram Singh who played the role of Charlie in a circus. When the circus closes down, he has no choice but earns his life by doing many other jobs. His life may still go by in boredom if one day, his wife doesn’t advise Ram Singh to reopen the circus. Does Ram Singh complete his unfulfilled dream? Watch Ram Singh Charlie to find out your own answer! You mustn’t waste time!

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What will happen when a middle-class man suddenly finds a suitcase containing up to Rs 10 crore? The answer will be revealed in the 2020 comedy thriller movie Lootcase. Nandan, a machine repairer, accidentally picks such a suitcase up while he doesn’t know that it belongs to MLA Patil and contains evidence of the politician’s embezzlement. He starts to buy something for his family and doesn’t reveal anything to his wife. However, his abnormal wealth leads to a lot of suspicions from the surrounders, as well as his wife Lata, and of course, the politician and gangsters.


Chaman Bahar

Chaman Bahar tells a story about a panwalla in a small town. He falls in love with a girl who lives opposite his shop. Directed by Apurva Dhar, this movie stars Jitendra Kumar as the main character. His performance gains a lot of attention from the audience; however, it is a pity that Chaman Bahar didn't receive well-deserved popularity. And that’s why it belongs to the list of top underrated Bollywood movies this year!

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Bahut Hua Samman

Bahut Hua Samman tells a story about a bank heist planned by Bony and Fundoo. However, there are some sudden changes in their plan, leading to a series of hilarious scenes. Bahut Hua Samman received a lot of positive reviews from the audience and critics, but it may deserve more.  It was officially released on October 02 on Disney+ Hotstar. As one of the top 10 underrated Bollywood movies, Bahut Hua Samman must be a great option for those who love the good performances of Sanjay Mishra.

Yeh Ballet

After being accidentally discovered by a ballet master, two Mumbai boys decide to pursue Ballet, regardless of their family’s disapproval. Dare to live with their passion is one of the greatest messages this movie wants to send to its audience. Yeh Ballet is a must-watch on the list of most underrated Bollywood movies of all time. It is now available on Netflix!


Kadakh starts when Sunil prepares for a Diwali party at his home. Before the party officially begins, an uninvited guest appears. He introduces himself Raghav, the husband of Chaya, Sunil’s colleague. Raghav wants to talk about the extramarital relationship between Sunil and Chaya; however, he finally loses his life. Sunil and his wife then decide to hide Raghav’s body. Do their guests discover this murder? Is there any other secret at this party? Watch Kadakh to find out an answer!



Amongst the best Bollywood movies which are underrated, Bhonsle successfully depicts a dark side in modern society in India. It tells a story about a retired police officer named Constable Bhosale and his neighbors. While some like Vilas, a homeless taxi driver, hate migrants from so-call taking their jobs, Bhosale stands on neutral ground. A few incidents take place, making Bhonsle befriend the siblings. No need to say, Vilas feels unhappy about it and wants to ruin everything. Watch Bhonsle to know what will happen to the nice retired policeman and his neighbors!

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Chintu Ka Birthday

The plot of Chintu Ka Birthday may fascinate a lot of audiences in India, as well as in the world. It’s a great pity that this movie is released amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to its being underrated.

Chintu Ka Birthday revolves around an Indian family in Iraq. One day, they are preparing for their little son Chitu’s birthday when they are attacked by US Army soldiers. Instead of a happy birthday, they now become hostages and face a lot of danger. Watch Chintu Ka Birthday to discover a series of twists in this movie!

Jawaani Jaaneman

For those who are looking for a movie about a father-daughter relationship or the most underrated Bollywood movies 2020, Jawaani Jaaneman must meet their demands. A property broker named Jazz suddenly realizes that he has a daughter and it worth mentioning that she is even a mother-to-be. A series of hilarious situations take place and what will Jazz do to become a true father? Watch Jawaani Jaaneman right now!

Jawaani Jaaneman
Jawaani Jaaneman.


Everybody has a dream and so does Buchhi. The greatest dream of this rickshaw driver is his son can study at a private English medium school. Like many other parents, Buchhi tries his best to turn his dream into truth. Pareeksha mentions some serious issues about the education system in India. It must deserve a try!

Above are the most underrated Bollywood movies in recent years. Watch them all and tell us what you think about these underrated movies in the comment box below!

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