Spike Chunsoft has previously revealed Crystar - an action RPG with anime-style graphics. However, at that time, the news only gained the spotlight through the 'shocking' fact that the developer decided to censor a total of 0.5 seconds of the main character's naked buttocks.

That's a fair move from the publisher, considering the game does feature loli concept. Nevertheless, today it's the official launch date of Crystar, and the publisher has given us a much safer release trailer. You can see it below:

Crystar features a tear-shedding story

Crystar tells the touching story of the main heroine - Rei.  Rei and her sister were pulled to the Purgatory by an unknown entity. And while she's protecting her sister while trying to escape from the evils here, Rei finds out that she's gifted with phenomenal powers. However, instead of giving her happiness, those powers actually bring Rei with a huge loss - her sister. She accidentally killed her beloved sisters, whose souls might disappear from this world forever.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 4
Rei accidentally killed her sister, thinking that she's an enemy

To grant the revival for her sister, Rei has to make a deal with the Demons of Purgatory. In return, she'll have to work for him, eliminating monsters from the Purgatory at the role of the Executor. Lucky for Rei, she meets many friends and foes along her journey through many levels of Purgatory. At least she's not alone in this terrifying place.

However, the more she fights, the more those evils emotionally attack her and make her suffer. The only way to get her out of this torment is by facing her own feelings and mistakes in the past. Expressing them through tears, Rei will relieve herself and become stronger against the true evil lying deep down under Purgatory.

Gameplay overview

In Crystar, you can control the main protagonists - Rei Hatada and three other characters. They are made under the hands of Riuichi - the characters designer who specializes in making lolis with goth-aesthetic style. Here's the quick look on the girls that will appear in this game. If it can't satisfy your needs yet, you can head to the game's official site to get more details.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 9
All characters in Crystar

Set that aside, let's take about its gameplay. Crystar is an action RPG in which you will have to fight with the souls of the dead. From the trailer, we can see that the characters will have normal attack and some special skills, which you can combine to perform deadly combos. The deeper you dig in the Purgatory, the more you'll find out about the truth behind each character's stories.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 2
Fight against the huge monsters by performing deadly combos

Furthermore, as I've said earlier, you'll gain more power through shedding tears. That's not literally correct, but it's not too far from it either. In fact, you'll have your Guardian fighting along your side, but you can only summon them through crying.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 3
You can only enter your Guardian form by crying

To be more specific, you'll have a gauge called the "Tear Gauge". This bar will fill up every time you get receive or deal damages to your enemies. Reaching its maximum level, you can cry, and turn into your Guardian form. This form allows you to summon your Guardian, performing special skills and defeat your enemies with your full power.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 1
The Guardian form looks edgy and beautiful at the same time

Entering your Guardian mode will give you a new beautiful yet edgy outlook as well. Thus, you might want to cry often in this game.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 5
Expect to cry a lot in this game

Release date and supported platforms

Spike Chunsoft is going to release Crystar today! It will be available worldwide for PC through Steam.

Crystar Action Rpg Release Pc Ps4 8
Crystar is coming for PS4 and PC

PS4 users in North America can get the game right today, while Europe user will have to wait until August 30.