Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot- is an upcoming game for mobile that is based on the classic football-themed anime ‘Captain Tsubasa’. It is set to arrive next month on the 12th of September for both Android and iOS, and interested players can head over to the Play Store to pre-register for it right now. As you might expect, participants will receive several exclusive rewards when the game officially launches. Check out its trailer below:

The game is basically a real-time football simulator with a story and leveling mechanics. You’ll follow the journey of Captain Tsubasa and his teammates as they strive to become superstars. The story apparently sticks pretty close to the anime, but there will be some additional sub-scenarios as well.

In the beginning, you will get into the Scenario mode to unlock various characters and skills, but the Match mode is where you’ll most likely spend most of your time later on. Here, you will use those characters that you’ve collected to establish the best team possible. Aside from these regular modes, the developer will probably add some limited time events during special occasions of the year too.

Captain Tsubasa Zero Miracle Shot Screenshot Level
The story sticks pretty closely to the anime, but there will be some leveling mechanics

The game was actually already launched in Japan a year back to pretty positive reception. As a result, publisher GMO is now seeking to expand the game to more than 90 other regions. This global launch will come with support for 7 additional languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Thai.

Based on reviews from players who’ve had a chance to try out Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-, it seems you don’t have to be a fan of the anime to have a good time with this one – although that would certainly help.

Captain Tsubasa Zero Miracle Shot Ios Screenshot G
You don't have to be a fan of the anime to have a good time with this one

If you want to pre-register for Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot-, head over to Google Play and the App Store right now!