Rumble Stars just popped up out of nowhere, yet it’s already one of the most entertaining games we’ve seen in this year.

At its core, this is an arena battling game kind of similar to Clash Royale, only this time, instead of engaging in actual battles, you’ll be controlling cutesy animals to compete in several football leagues.

As you progress, you will collect various cards and then choose 8 of them to build a deck to bring to the field with you. Naturally, there are several types of cards, which represent units, spells, and other abilities.

The cartoony art style makes Rumble Stars friendly for players of all ages, and each animal in the game has some unique characteristics that you can tell just by looking at them. For example, the bulls are capable of charging forth and running down opponents, while the frogs can extend their tongues to grab the ball from afar.

Where the fun really lies is combining these abilities to create combos. You can use the Magnetman to pull the opponent’s goalkeeper to the side, opening up room for your Sniper Wolf to score an easy goal. There are tons of awesome combinations to make.

That said, Rumble Stars focuses more on delivering a balls-to-the-wall-fun experience instead of being too strategy-heavy like Clash Royale. While those who take their time to plan their moves will certainly win more often than those who just recklessly push out units without any care, the game is, for the most part, very casual-friendly.

All in all, Rumble Stars is the game for users who just want a hectic and fun game that they can simply pick up and play without too much thoughts or care. If you like Clash Royale but are deterred by the inaccessibility, you definitely should give Rumble Stars a try. Chances are, you’ll fall in love with this cutesy, casual-friendly title.