If you think the ".io" part of Munchkin.io look familiar, then you are not the only one who thinks that.

It all started with Agar.io, a web game that surprisingly becomes famous all over the internet. The web game had a lot of players playing as blobs, trying to devour others to be the strongest on the playfield. It's a "great fish eats the small" kind of battle royale, easy to access and really easy to play.

Munchkin.io features a lot of cute characters

After that success, there are a lot of ".io" games on the internet, with so many different kinds of gameplay.

Munchkin.io is another game like that.

In this game, 20 players will be dropped into a fantasy land, and they will have to fight against each other to become the last one standing. In simpler words, another battle royale game. But the plus point of this game is cute cartoonish graphics, with might appeals with players who got bored with all kinds of PUBG clone games.

The games in action

To get stronger, you will have to collect the blue blobs around the maps and upgrade your weapons. But you cannot choose how you will grow in this game, because almost every upgrade is random. You might get your weapon upgraded, skill level increased, or in some bad cases, nothing happens at all.

During the game, you can find some treasure chest and earn gold. With enough games, you can spend your gold to buy new characters, costumes, or weapons.

You can see the game in action on the below video:

The game features some basic single-player modes, with an online battle royale mode. Along with that is the Munchkin Ball mode, which turns the game into soccers. In this mode, you can just have fun kicking a ball into the opponents' net, to forget about all those stresses in life.

You can download the game through the App Store or Google Play Store.