Those enthusiastic about mobile games are probably familiar with the Badland series, an amazing product from developer Frogmind available on different platforms. Since the latest spinoff in the series titled Badland Brawl, the company has been working on several other projects. Last year, it showcased a fresh free-to-play IP known as “Rumble Stars Soccer”, which is now soft-launched in Portugal, Russia, Italy, Australia, and Spain.

Rumble Stars Soccer 800x350
“Rumble Stars Soccer” – Frogmind’s latest effort

However, what did capture the masses’ attention is Frogmind’s recent declaration to make that game available on not only iOS but also Android. This is the latest successful attempt from the studio. Additionally, it will run on a global scale in a very near future, and the exact date of the official release will soon be notified by the developer.

Being a multiplayer-focused soccer game, Rumble Stars Soccer can create an amazing feeling for actual game addicts. The game rules are not difficult to grasp but mastering the mechanics is definitely easier said than done. It builds on a wide range of anthropomorphic creatures called rumblers. Players will form a team whose purpose is to gain the highest score and perform as many combos as possible. After struggling to defeat other competitors, they can promote their team and climb the rankings.

Rumble Stars Soccer W750 1
The game provides an interesting experience

Thanks to the fast-paced progress and dazzling game effects, Rumble Stars Soccer is an extremely exciting and energetic experience. In fact, the game feels like an actual worldwide football tournament at times. Furthermore, there are a lot of special innovations, consisting of new legendary rumbler, trophy system, game mode, events, and stunning visual effects.

About the iOS version, it is presently live in some countries including Australia, Spain, Russia, Italy, and Portugal. As for Android users over the world, the game is currently up for pre-registration on Google Play. Keep an eye out for more updates.