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Square Enix is quite well-known for its RPG series. And now one of the best one among them - the latest game in the Valkyrie series - is coming to mobile. Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin is a new installment in the series that has been in the development phase for a long time. The game has actually  available for the Japanese market a while ago, but now, after the localization, players from other regions will be able to play it from next week.

Square Enix confirmed officially that they will release Valkyrie Anatomia - The Origin globally on Android and iOS on the 4th of April. They have also released a new trailer to mark the release day, we attached it below.

In fact, we already had an article about this game last month when Square confirmed the game. You could find that article here.

Valkyrie Anatomia - The Origin

Valkyrie Anatomia - The Origin is actually a prequel to the first installment in the series, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. In this prequel, we will have the chance to be reunited with many familiar faces alongside meeting several new characters. This new game will retain the original combat system of the series, which is a system base on combos. In this system, each character will have its own attacks with different properties which you can use to juggle your enemies and much more. One more plus point to the series is the beautiful soundtrack made by the famous Motoi Sakuraba.

Valkyrie Anatomia The Origin Release For Both Andr
Combat system

Lenneth will continue to be one of the main characters who will appear in Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. With a charming and strong appearance, Lenneth under Yumi Toma's voice is expected to continue captivating the hearts of millions of fans.

Finally, Valkyrie Anatomia - The Origin launches worldwide on both Android and iOS in the next week, on the 4th of April. As of right now, you could head to the Google Play Store and App Store to pre-register the game already.