Last week Square Enix announced a new mobile game for Android and iOS titled Ranbu: Sangokushi Rumble, which could be translated into Ranbu: Romance of the Three Kingdoms in English.

If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Square Enix originally launched another game named Sangokushi Rumble about five years ago, and this upcoming game is being developed by the same team and is scheduled to launch within this year.

The original Sangokushi Rumble was pretty successful in Japan, attracting over 2.5 million downloads domestically. It was a tower defense game in which each player established a team of 6 characters to protect their base against enemy assaults. As the name of the game suggests, it was based on the famous Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, but it was the loosest adaptation that you could possibly have, with all the iconic generals of that era redrawn into busty, skimpy-dressed girls.

Ranbu 2
Famous characters in Romance of the Three Kingdoms become busty girls in this upcoming game

Apparently, with this follow up, Square Enix plans to take all the gender-bending to the next level. This motif is hardly anything new when it comes to Japanese games and anime, though. Take a look at the trailer below to get an idea of what the developer is trying to push here.

The trailer doesn’t showcase any gameplay, but we do get a glimpse at a couple of characters, including a long-haired girl wielding a two-handed saber that is probably an interpretation of Guan Yu and an extremely busty version of the legendary strategist Zhuge Liang. There is also another character that uses a bow. It can be speculated that these characters represent the 3 character classes that we usually see in games: Strength, Intelligence, and Agility.

Ranbu 5
The 3 characters shown in the trailer probably represent Strength, Intelligence, and Agility

Another primary focus of the trailer is the voluptuous, well, breast physics, which see the greatest creation of nature bouncing, jiggling, and wobbling much to the excitement of players who have a high appreciation to fan-service.

An in-game picture of a character that appears to be the mighty general Lu Bu

Right now, it’s unclear whether Ranbu: Sangokushi Rumble will retain the classic tactical gameplay or will follow a more… modern route. In any case, the game is coming within 2019 and it will be available on both Android and iOS.