The highly-anticipated RTS game WizardLord has finally received a global launch on both Android and the iOS following a soft-launch period in Canada.

The story of WizardLord revolves around mysteries, power struggles, and frightening monsters. Long ago, a mysterious being known only as The Goddess vanished, and nobody has seen her again. Now, however, in an era where magic runs rampant, one of her relics is rumored to have resurfaced.

WizardLord Launch Trailer

Now, in an age of deadly wizarding duels, one of her relics is said to have reappeared. Naturally, every wizard in the world wants to get their hands on this powerful artifact, and so they all head out on a quest to find it.

In the beginning, you start out as just another mage apprentice, but as you progress you’ll carve out a place for yourself in this world and ultimately achieve the title of WizardLord. During your journey, you will encounter and have to overcome many horrendous monsters. The main appeal of the game, however, lies in the PvP duels.

Wizard Lord 1 690x339
Face powerful monsters on your way to become the WizardLord

WizardLord is a deck-building game, so you’ll have the chance to collect dozens of special cards, which in turn opens up many possibilities to formulate new strategies. Generally, you won’t want to stick with just one deck. Different enemies demand different tactics to beat, so not optimizing your deck accordingly would put you at a huge disadvantage.

Fortunately, the deck-building feature in WizardLord is pretty well-done. It is very accessible for new players while still allow for plenty of innovation and experimentation.

Battles take place in real time, and they tend to be quite intense. You will be able to string together a series of spells to create a combo, or summon powerful creatures to your aid. Mastering these mechanics are the key to success.

Cf6f979f Wizard Lord 2
Combine different cards to build your own deck, then string together various spells to create a combo

If you’re in for some spell-casting, you can head over to the App Store or Google Play to download WizardLord right now. For more information, check out the game’s official website and Facebook page!