Armor Games' fans will have the pleasure to receive Void Tyrant on their Android devices on the 26th of this September. It is a pretty innovative roguelike card game which we have covered before. You could read our review about the iOS version of this game here, as well as check out its trailer below:

If you just can not wait anymore for the official release of the game, then you can head over to its page on the Play Store to join in the Early Access.

A Blackjack-based combat game

Void Tyrant Roguelike Card Game Will Hit Android T
The combat system in the game is based on Blackjack

Basically, Void Tyrant is a singe-play game in which you build your deck out of a pool of more than 500 different cards, which you'd gradually unlock as you progress. The interesting part is, the combat system is based on the popular Casino game Blackjack. Your aim in this game is to get as close to 12 as possible without exceeding that threshhold. The player who is nearest to 12 will deal the damage to his/her opponent.

Void Tyrant Roguelike Card Game Will Hit Android T
This game is a roguelike game with simple mechanics but engrossing depth.

In total, there will be 3 classes for you to choose at each game's begin, and each will lead you to a different custom deck. As you can imagine, making good use of your strategic mind will be crucial to achieving the final goal of reclaiming the Eyes of Chronos. Plus, according to Armor Games, they will add in more characters in the future.

We were pretty impressed by the innovations and aesthetics that Void Tyrants offers and rated it highly in our review, so if you are interested in getting it for your Android device, be sure to mark the date September 26th on your calendar! The monetization model of this upcoming Android release is not confirmed, but judging from the iOS version, it will probably a free-to-play, ad-included app with the option to remove the ads through a one-time IAP.