Today, the official launch date of the upcoming rogue-like card game Phantom Roses has been revealed by the publishers at Studio Maka. According to the announcement, the game will have the release date on August 7th via Steam.

Phantom Rose will put you in the shoes of Reina, a maid that currently in search for her master - who was lost in a mansion that full of evil creatures. To fight against them, you have to build a deck of cards that will provide you with spells to defeat and destroy the enemies. On your way through the mansion, you can find and rescue other characters, in order to unlock more cards to use on your arsenal.

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The cards will be your weapons to defeat enemies

As a rogue-like game, every playthrough of this game is unique, with randomized patterns and contents that will provide players with different challenges each run. While each death is permanent and you cannot retry after dying, your unlocked deck of cards will be kept intact, providing you with enough tools to get better at subsequent playthroughs.

You can see the trailer on the video below:

Phantom Rose Teaser Trailer

According to the developers, the game will provide you with a lot of challenges, as each card can only be used one time before disappearing from your deck. Because of this reason, you will have to keep on changing cards on your deck and think carefully with each step in the adventure. By rescuing other maids, you will collect more powerful cards and item to have a better time against harder enemies. As you will have to go through more and more dangerous areas with harder and harder enemies, you wit and bravery will be put to the biggest test.

The game will be available next week on August 7th, on PC via Steam. During the first week, the game will have a 20% discount, from $14.99 to $11.99.