As the mobile game industry keeps growing every day, it's not a surprise if sometimes we've missed some decent titles. Traitors Empire Card RPG seems to be one of them, and this hidden gem was just released couples of day ago.

You can grab Traitors Empire Card RPG right now on its Google Play page.

You might have already figured it out by look at the game's title. Yes, it's basically an RPG that will take you into a series of fierce battles. With lots of heroes for you to choose, your mission is much similar to other titles in the strategy-based genre: forming a squad, equipping them with powerful weapons and abilities before sending them to the battlefield. Combat is set in a grid-like, turn-based tactical system, so thoughtful decisions on your card deck and careful moves in the field are keys to your victory.

Tactical positioning plays an important role.

Below is the gameplay trailer of Traitors Empire Card RPG:

In Traitors Empire Card RPG, you can either enjoy the journey yourself with a rich story-driven fantasy campaign, or battle against other players in the multiplayer PvP mode. Moreover, you can invite your friends to join a clan-based PvE where you will all come together and try to take down gigantic bosses.

The game offers an adventure into its story-driven campaign.

Just like other role-playing games, Traitors Empire Card RPG does feature a looting and crafting system. By winning battles, you will earn new cards and even legendary treasures. Use them to strengthen your deck, come up with the best strategies, and secure a high rank in the Traitors Empire Card RPG top list. Don't forget to engage in periodic events to get more superior rewards by defeating your opponents.

You can make your deck more powerful with the in-game crafting system.

Traitors Empire Card RPG is now available on the Google Play.