Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming for PC on November 14! That's the great news that we've got from the publisher Gameforge yesterday. So, finally, after five-year-long of waiting since its first reveal, the game is having its release date, and it's very close to us!

And even better, as we have a closer look into its gameplay with the announcement trailer for this event. You can see the one-vs-many model of the game through the video below:

What's new in this trailer?

If you haven't heard about Kingdom Under Fire 2, it's the sequel of the first Kingdom Under Fire game that came out in 2008. This time, Gameforge - the publisher of many famous games such as TERA, Elsword, and Guardians of Ember is expecting to make Kingdom Under Fire 2 the best game in the series!

Kingdom Under Fire Ii Key Art
Gameforge is going all-in with Kingdom Under Fire 2!

In general, it's a hybrid game that has both the elements from an MMORPG and an RTS game. You can find the previous information about its gameplay through our previous article here. However, with this second gameplay trailer, we've caught a lot more information than what we have the last time, and let's find out what they are.

The first thing to mention is that several character classes have been revealed. They are the Berserker, Gunslinger, Elementalist, Ranger, and Spellsword. Each of them has their unique skillset and playstyle, which you'll get used to through join as many battles as possible.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Release Date Gameplay Trailer
The Spellsword class looks very cool!

This trailer emphasizes on the solo approach, in which you will rely solely on your own character to stand against hordes of enemies. The battles look absolutely stunning, as the characters will unlock their full power against the minions from other factions, slaying them down with styles in detailed visuals. But, as we've mentioned, you can also follow the path of a great strategist, using your leadership skills to lead your troop to the final victory.

Kingdom Under Fire Ii Will Bring The Wars To The W
You can either go solo or lead your troops through various battles

Lastly, Gameforge has said that the story of Kingdom Under Fire 2 is going to be much more immersive than its predecessor. To be more specific, it will include a narrative-driven online campaign mode, in which you can learn about its story either solo or with friends.

Supported platforms and pricing of Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2 will come out for PC on November 14. Information on the consoles versions is not available yet.

Kingdom Under Fire Ii Will Bring The Wars To The W
Pre-order is available with a lot of bundles

The pre-order event is still there, which you can pay $21.99 for the base game and some extra for other bundles. I'm quite sad that it's not free-to-play, but with such great visuals and gameplay, I cannot ask for a better price.