Publisher Gameforge is the leader of the Western for popular games like ElswordAION, Guardians of Ember, SoulWorker, OGame, and TERA.

Recently, they have just acquired the rights to publish Kingdom Under Fire 2. This is a game that many have awaited and anticipated for a long time. That being said, Western gamers can now set their hope up high for the official release of the game on PC later in 2019.

Kingdom Under Fire 2
It is a high fantasy setting video game with both RTS and MMORPG factors within.

Check out the official announce trailer of the game here:

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The 2008 original series

For your information, the originally Kingdom Under Fire came out way back in 2008. The upcoming sequel would be the newest and the most ambitious title in the series. Kingdom Under Fire 2 will combine both the MMORPG and RTS genres for a unique hybrid title.

Kingdom Under Fire 2
Kingdom Under Fire 2 will hit the market soon this year.

Gameforge speaking

Kingdom Under Fire series has always been the favorite among the team at Gameforge. They are extremely looking forward to working with Blueside on this epic series and finally bring it to the Western players.

According to Gameforge,  Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming out this year on Windows PC for both Europe and North America.

Words from Blueside

For Blueside, they believed that Gameforge is the perfect publishing partner. The publisher has acquired decent experience and a deep understanding of Western online games.

The gameplay of Kingdom Under Fire 2

Enough about the creators, let’s talk more about Kingdom Under Fire 2. The game sets in a world with factions battling over the complete control of Bersia.

We're talking about the Dark Legion, the Human Alliance, and the Encablossians. Within the game, players get to choose among many hero classes and can decide whether they want to focus on individual characters or become a war strategist.

Kingdom Under Fire 2
Kingdom Under Fire 2 features lots of hero classes, three distinct factions, and many playing options.

In fact, this sequel takes place half a century after the first chapter and features such an immersive story campaign for multiplayer that you have to experience it online.

Overall, we should expect this highly-anticipated title to come out in a few months on multiple platforms. Especially, for Europe and North America players, you don’t want to miss this!