Last month, we've announced you that Gameforge has gained the publishing rights of Kingdom Under Fire 2 in North America and Europe. Gameforge is a leading name when it comes to Western game publishers, thus many people are waiting for their newest title.

And now, the fans will be pleased with a piece of good news: Gameforge has just announced the official release date of Kingdom Under Fire 2!

Before getting into the details, let's have a look at the trailer of the game:

A beautiful hybrid title combining MMORPG and RTS

If you haven't heard about Gameforge yet (it's weird that you don't), it's actually a very famous publisher in the West. The developer has gained its reputation through many successful games, such as TERA, Elsword, AION, SoulWorker, and Guardians of Ember. That's the reason why Kingdom Under Fire 2 received such great concerns from the public.

Basically, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the sequel to the first title back in 2008, and it's expected to be the most ambitious in the series. Like its predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire 2 will feature the mixture of the elements from both MMORPG and RTS genres. Specifically, it put you in the fantasy world a-half-century after the first game, as you would have to fight for the control of Bersia.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Will Bring The Wars To The W
Fight for dominance in the land of Bersia!

From the start, you'll have to choose your heroes from many classes, join a faction and fight for them. There are totally three factions competing in this land, including the Human Alliance, The Dark Legion, and The Encoblossians. Starting at small scales fights between some person, the fights continuously grow into the huge-raids throughout the whole region.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Will Bring The Wars To The W
There're a lot of classes for you to choose from

To impact the fragile balance between the factions, you can either choose two paths. You can become an individual character who can turn the battles by your combat power, or become a war strategist standing behind and give direct orders leading the troops to the final victory.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Will Bring The Wars To The W
The game is the mixture of MMORPG and RTS

To cut the long story short, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the role-playing experience combined with real-time strategic battles. All of this will contribute to the unique online experience that you can't find anywhere else.

The release date of Kingdom Under Fire 2

Gameforge has announced that Kingdom Under Fire 2 is going to come out live this November. This means you only have to wait for 3 more months to dive in this epic battlefield.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Will Bring The Wars To The W
Kingdom Under Fire 2 is only three-month away

However, this news might make you want to reconsider your choice. Shying away from the free-to-play trend of online games, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is going to target other public groups.

To be more specific, the game will cost $21.99 for the base game. Additionally, further content bundles also vary in prices, from nearly $30 for the Hero Package and to the most expensive one - the War God Package that's $100 worth! That's only the start and some more shocking things might come in the future.

Kingdom Under Fire Ii Will Bring The Wars To The W
The pricing of the game is ...

Gameforge definitely wanted to bring something for the premium users, and Kingdom Under Fire 2 might be the perfect one!