Gameforge Relaunches Guardians of Ember.

We have just received the news from the European game publisher Gameforce that they will relaunch their PC MMORPG action title, Guardians of Ember. But this time they will make it follows the Free-to-Play model which is trending nowadays. Previously, the game was released as a Steam Buy-2-play game, and the outcome was not very pretty.

Guardians Of Ember Gameforge Relaunchs The Mmorpg
Fighting the demons

But generally speaking, Guardians of Ember was not a bad game at all. With this comeback, the game goes together with a variety of upgrades and improvements from Runewaker - a developer from Taiwan.

Guardians of Ember is an action-packed game set in the mythical land of Olyndale where players will explore the game world and destroy the evil doers. It also has a unique and interesting combat system, many options for character customization and huge open world multiplayer.

MMORPG and "hack and slash"

Guardians of Ember is an attempt to combine the MMORPG genre with the "hack and slash" into an action-packed online multiplayer game. The result is a game which will satisfy both the newcomers and hardcore fans.

In the game, you will get to choose from 6 classes and 4 races and later on, you can customize your character's skillsets with many options. The combat mechanic is not so easy though, you will need to calculate all the attacks to optimize the damage to your opponents. The realm is immense and full of challenges with 58 regions and over 60 dungeons, so go and explore it.

Guardians Of Ember Gameforge Relaunchs The Mmorpg
Exploring the dungeons

Here we list some main features of Guardians of Ember:

Team Combat “Hack and Slash”

Go into battle with a group of up to 4 friends - mixing up brawn and magic to fight against the endless evil force that is trying to invade Olyndale. The dungeons will also have various PvE challenges.

Guardians Of Ember Gameforge Relaunchs The Mmorpg
Team combat

Arena of Honor

This option is only for the bravest Guardians, you will enter the arena and fight off the others until you are the only one left standing. These are modes for 5vs5, 3vs3, 1vs1 matches.

The Immortal Guardian

Choose your character from the unique classes from all corners of Olyndale.

Dual Class System

After reaching level 15 you will be given the ability to choose a secondary class for yourself with new abilities and skills.

Endless Challenges

More challenges with 100 quests and missions.

Make Your Mark

Leave your mark in the game with customized weapons and personalized home.