Circle Empires Rivals has recently been added to Steam Store as planned for release in early 2020. The game is a continued version of the previous title Circle Empires which came out on August 08, 2018. This next version of the game will feature multiplayer modes while keeping the same game mechanics.

Circle Empires has been around on Steam for a while. The game offers fast and strategic gameplay with RTS nature. With cartoonish graphics, the game assigns you’re a number of starting peasants to build up an empire in a circle area.

Circle Empires Rivals 01
An empire in a circle area

As you build up your empire through harvesting resources, farming food and building up training facilities, one penned circle can’t sustain your growth. It is time for invasion, to expand your empire and gain more resources for your people. Navigate through various terrain with lots of creatures and foes to deal with, you need to fight your way to conquering this vast wasted land.

Circle Empires Rivals 02
Beware! Some hostile lands are plagued with monsters

A popular single-player game goes multiplayer

Circle Empires so far has 300,000 gamers worldwide with good reviews. However, the game was originally single-played. That limited the growth of Circle Empires in a “circle” where you can’t have fun with your friends in a fun RTS game. This is where Circle Empires Rivals picks up.

Circle Empires Rivals 03
Build up your empire from scratch, and then expand your influence to other areas

Circle Empires Rivals is the multiplayer sequel to the single-player game. It is like the interactive version of Circle Empires as you can now play with real gamers around the world. It is always nice to see a good game comes online and see how great fun it would deliver to players.

Circle Empires Rivals 04
Play with or against your friend to see who is the better emperor

Aside from being a multiplayer version, Circle Empires Rivals also adds more content to the game with 250+ different creatures and buildings, harvestable resources and level-ups as compared to 150+ in the prequel. More faction leaders and bosses will also be available in the multiplayer version.