Back in 2013, developer ZeMind Game Studio delivered to us Starborn Anarkist, an excellent physics-based space shooter in which you get to design your own ships and then put them in combat against tons of insane enemies to see how well they work. It’s definitely among the best space-themed shooter games available on the App Store at the moment, and the cool part is, despite its age, it is still completely up-to-date and runs perfectly on even the most modern devices.

Now, the good folks at ZeMind have been working on another offer, this one titled Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy. From its description, it is a fast-paced RTS designed for Android tablets and iPad. It’ll include 3 unique factions at launch, each offering different types of units. A large part of the gameplay revolves around competing against others to get hold of certain bonus pickups and then successfully bringing them back to your base. Check out the game’s trailer below:

From the look of things, it seems Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy has all the good stuff, from quirky characters to over-the-top special items, all of which blend together really well to create a super frantic experience.

Versus Unfriendly Frenzy
The game seems to have all the good stuff, from quirky characters to over-the-top special items

Aside from the singleplayer campaign, there will be a multiplayer mode as well, which comes in the form of a local Skirmish mode that supports 2 players. We reckon that this local multiplayer feature is why this game seems like it’ll be available exclusively for tablets and not phones, as the bigger screen is a lot more suitable for such a thing. That said, the developer has never said anything about not bringing the game to phones, so hopefully, we’ll still be seeing a small-screen version of Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy in the future.

Versus Unfriendly Frenzy Units
3 playable factions with plenty of different units

For RTS enthusiasts who do have a tablet, though, Versus: Unfriendly Frenzy is launching tomorrow as a premium app priced at $3.99 (Rs 280). Naturally, that means no ads or IAPs will be included.