Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC version is finally confirmed. This adventure in the Wild West is probably Rockstar’s most ambitious project to date. The game is a sequel to the first Red Dead, following the steps of the gang. Below we will list out some of the reasons that you should definitely check this game out.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is widely regarded as one of the best game in this generation

It is pretty much a huge cowboy RPG

The scale of the game is astounding

Red Dead 2 is a full-fledged open-world cowboy simulator. Your protagonist, Arthur Morgan, would travel with a band of outlaws, running errands, hunt, and use the money to improve your gears and skills. The honor system in Red Dead 2 works like Mass Effect’s Paragon/Renegade system – which would reward you a different way for each of your choices.

The world of Red Dead 2 is beautiful

The world is very well designed, handcrafted to a single stone

The colossal size of the Wild West in Red Dead 2 is one of the best parts of the game, and it is also one of the best digital depictions of the natural world of western America. There are just a lot of exploring, from boggy swamps, grassy plains to mountains, Red Dead 2 has them all.

The towns are also very well made too, with bustling settlements filled with life and action. There is also an enormous city for you to explore, with factories belching smoke all over the sky.

The sounds design is amazing

The sound design is beautiful as well

The amazing sound designs are part of the reason why the game world of Red Dead is so immersive. The soundtrack is amazing, however, it is only used sparingly so that players would not get bored with the same old song over and over. Usually the only sound you can hear in exploration is the sound of nature, such as rushing waterfalls, animal calls, chittering insects, or even the wind blowing in the trees.

The game is pretty much every West tropes combined into one

The cowboys riding into the sunset

RDR 2 combines both the romantic, fictionalized and the real-life region into one. There are elements of every kind of cowboy fiction there is, from Clint Eastwood’s classic westerns to HBO’s realistic Deadwood. The game shows you a view into the past, before the United States becoming an industrialized nation.

The freedom is exhilarating

The Van der Linde gang on the move

Living the life of a Wild West outlaw, with the freedom to roam the wastes, free of any obligation. Red Dead 2 has the same structure as GTA 5, with you complete story missions while wander off the beaten path waiting for the next big story to trigger. There are a lot of distractions – you can hunt in the woods, go fishing, meet strangers, searching for treasure, along with all manners of side quests. The best way to play Red Dead Redemption 2 is just to pick a direction and ride toward it, solving problems as you move.

Your actions affect the world and vice versa

The protagonist robbing a store

One of the most amazing thing in Red Dead 2 is how alive and active the world feels. If you rob a store and beat up the shopkeeper, everyone in town would remember it – and the shopkeeper would also sport a black eye or a bandaged head as well. If your “honor” meter is low (due to your crimes or behaviors) people on the street would vary of you. There are thousands of these small details – Rockstar has definitely done a great job.

The characters are really well written

There are background stories and motives for every single character in the cast

The Van der Linde gang is a collection of personalities, with quite a few unique personality traits. Your protagonist, Arthur, is the leader’s right-hand man and enforcer. The group has big projects for the future, but they need cash to achieve them. All the characters are interesting, especially the ones who are closest to the player. The best character, however, is Arthur himself. The guy is probably amongst the most intriguing and flawed lead characters in the video game world.

There are unexpected twists and turns in the story

The story would definitely surprise you

The whole 60 – 80 hours adventure of RDR 2 is totally unpredictable and would be able to keep just about anyone entertained. The reason behind that is the well-designed plot twists, some of which can even alter the events of the game.

The narrative was also expertly weaved into the gameplay, as the story would take you on a tour of the world map. The gang is constantly on the run, which means they would have to move often from region to region, introduce you to more of the map.

Red Dead Online is super entertaining

Explore the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 with friends

The story is only half of the experience, as RDR 2 comes with an online mode. There are many ways to tinker with the online version of the game – you can do horse races, deathmatches, or even some rudimentary kind of battle royale. The most interesting game mode to explore is Free Roam. In this mode, the sprawling open-world would be crawling with real players – and when you are sharing the same world with other people, the West feels much more genuine.

With this mode, the world would feel even more unpredictable than ever before. You can stumble upon a firefight in a town or bump into some hunters on others. Many solo activities in the single-player mode are available in Free Roam, however, there are also coop missions too if you are up for some jolly cooperation.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be available on the Rockstar Launcher on November 5, 2019. The Steam version would be available for purchase in December. Interested in more of our Red Dead Redemption 2 related articles? Please check out this post for more information about the game's system requirements.