Follow the example of EA and Ubisoft, Rockstar Games is also getting a game launcher for PC. While we are not sure how they are going to compete with the big boys that have been in the business for years such as Steam, Epic Games or, just to name a few, their first move seems to be quite effective.

Rockstar Games is going to give out a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC within their launcher and add it to your Social Club account’s library. The developer doesn't reveal how long will it lasts, but a free copy of a game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is always worth a try.

Free Game Gta San Andreas Rockstar Social Club 0
Install the launcher now and get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free

Here are how you do it.:

  1. Go to the download page of Rockstar Games Launcher:
  2. Find the “Download for Windows” to download the launcher.
  3. Install the program.
  4. If you haven't had a Rockstar Social club account yet then you need to create one to log into the launcher.
  5.  After you have logged in, click on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas banner to add the game to your library for free.

The most interesting thing about GTA games is that they allow players to interact and explore a non-linear open world and freely decide how they can play the game.

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GTA lets you drive almost everything, even a helicopter

GTA: San Andreas is an installment of the GTA series. The game was released for PS2 in 2004 and PC in 2005 and is considered as one of the great games of all time by critics. As of 2011, it sold 27.5 million copies across the world and is still the best-selling PS2 game of all time.