Franklin Assassination Mission is a type of side mission that Lester Crest gives to Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V, during which the latter is required to assassinate certain targets. These targets are all key people in the companies whose stocks are up for sale, and thus killing them will have major effects on the value of their respective stock. Thus, by making the right investments beforehand, both Lester and Franklin can make a huge amount of money.

Grand Theft Auto V Assassination Mission
These missions are huge opportunities to make money

In total, there are 5 of these missions in the game, and they are all worth doing because, as mentioned, they are great opportunities to get rich – not to mention that they are required for 100% completion. As a result, we have decided to make a GTA V Assassination Investment guide, and for today, we’ll be looking at the Multi-target Assassination.

Franklin Assassination Mission: The Multi-Target Assassination Overview

Upon arriving at a Limited Service gas station in Little Seoul, Franklin finds that the payphone was ringing. He picks it up to find Lester on the other end, who then informs him that Redwood Cigarettes, which has received an emphysema-related class-action lawsuit recently, has bribed 4 corrupt jurors to tip the scale in its favor. To help the emphysema victims, and earn tons of money in the process, Franklin has to kill these jurors He must hurry, though, as the trial will conclude on the following day. In term of gameplay, this means the player has 9 minutes in real time to finish off all targets.

Investments To Make

By doing this mission, you will be damaging the shares of Redwood and thus increases that of Debonaire, another tobacco company. So, it is advised that you buy shares from Debonaire before the mission, so that you can sell them afterward for bigger profit.

Also, the price of Redwood’s shares will drop significantly, so you can buy some, wait a few days for the company to rebound, and sell again.

Gta 5 The Multi Target Assassination
GTA 5 The Multi Target Assassination

Here Are All The Targets And How To Deal With Them

Target 1: The Bodybuilder

Your first target is located at Vespucci Beach. It’s a half-naked guy flexing his muscles. Getting close to the target is not ideal here. Instead, the better approach would be to get on the rooftops in the parking lot nearby so that you have a good vantage point.

Gta V First Target
Your first target is a guy flexing his muscles at Vespucci Beach. Get on the rooftops nearby to have a good vantage point, then snipe him down!

Here, use a sniper to take him out. Note that no headshot is needed here, so don’t take too long to aim. Just shoot and then move

Target 2: Guy On The yacht

Your next victim is at Pacific Bluffs, having a relaxing time on his yacht. Upon arriving, you can opt to either use the Jetski nearby or just snipe him from within shoreline distance. Again, it doesn’t have to be a headshot.

Gta V Second Target
The second target looks like he's having a good time on his yacht. Let's change that!

Target 3: The Window Cleaner

The 3rd target is currently cleaning windows at a building at Rockford Hills. You should stay on the sidewalk until you get close enough for a clear shot.

The target will constantly move up the building, so you’ll want to be quick with your shot. Once he is taken care of, you’ll know where your final target is.

Gta V Third Target
This guy will constantly move up the building, so you'll want to be quick

Target 4: Guy On The Vespa

Your target is located high above the Vinewood Hills area. Thankfully, he only starts driving his Vespa when you get close, so drive to the location to find him.

Once you do, the most direct approach is to simply ram into him and then shoot. Alternatively, you can use Drive-bys. Whatever you do, once he is dead, Franklin will inform Lester and the mission is complete.

Gta V Final Target
This is the last one. Once he is dead, the mission is complete!

So there you have it! That’s everything you have to do to complete GTA V The Multi Target Assassination mission. Don’t forget to make the investments as we suggested above, then sit back and wait for the profit!