Paradox’s best game, Crusader Kings 2 was constructed using the foundation made by the original 2004 game, plus some mechanics in Europa Universalis. The result was absolutely stunning, as it has become one of the most critically acclaimed strategy titles of the last decade. Below is the announcement trailer from PDXCON 2019.

Finally, after 7 years of perfecting the formula, the studio is ready for the next step. Crusader Kings 3 is confirmed for a 2020 release and would also be included in the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

An assassination, with a snake in the crib

According to the information revealed by the developers, the core gameplay of the series is unchanged in Crusader Kings 3. In this game, you would be focusing on feudal and dynastic politics in the middle ages. The player characters would be a part of your dynasty – you would have to guide them through the ages, picking out lifestyles best suited to their personalities and ambitions.

Crusader Kings 3 Annnounced Release Window First D
The map gets a 3D upgrade, with the appropriate character models

The AI would be improved comparing to previous titles, as dynasties will change and adapt to your playstyle. Characters would plot against you, creating extreme events that would push your managerial skill to the extreme. Expand and change your realm, whether it is a large kingdom or a modest county. Marriage, diplomacy, and war are the main tools to increase your dynasty's political power and prestige. The playable map is also expanded - it now includes areas from Spain to the whole of India, Scandinavia to around Central Africa.

Crusader Kings 3 Screenshot1
The controls and menus are streamlined so that new players would have an easier time

In this game, your intelligence is the only weapon you have, and getting enough intelligence is the key to create a strategy. To protect your own life and the future of your bloodline, you would have to engage in espionage, joins political groups, punish heretics or even use secret agents to ensure that your throne would pass safely to your heir.

The base version of Crusader Kings 2 is currently free on Steam. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the top 6 best history games.