We first reported on the action RPG Undead Horde from developer 10tons (which is one of our favorite developers by the way) back in June when it was announced that the game was going mobile following its PC and consoles launch in May. Now, we know that this… Necromancer simulator, as the developer describes it, will be hitting iOS on October 24th. Check out its trailer below:

In this game, you’ll become a Necromancer, which of course means you shall have the power to raise the dead to carry out your biddings. Not only that, but foes you slay in battles can also be reanimated as well. That said, your power is not unlimited, as there is a cap to the number of undead minions you can have at any given time, though this number can be upgraded as you play.

Undead Horde Ios Featured
Raise the dead to fight for you!

All that sounds like a strategy game alright, but wait, there’s more to it. You are an actual character in this game, not just a hovering hand clicking on stuff to order them to move around. What this means is, you can actually participate in the battles yourself using a wide variety of weapons and skills.

Undead Horde
You can actually lead your army into battle

You’ll also earn loot after every victory, which grants various buffs to your character and his minions. All of these items are randomly-generated, so things will be different every time you play. Furthermore, Undead Horde boasts a leveling system for you to develop your character, which in turn means you can defeat more enemies and bring them to your side.

Undead Horde Upgrade
There is a leveling system for you to develop your character

As mentioned, Undead Horde is set to hit the App Store on October 24th, and interested players can pre-order it right now. This will be a premium title priced at £5.99 (Rs 550).