1971 Project Helios is a singleplayer turn-based strategy game that will be coming next year. Let first take a look at the trailer of the game below.

The story of 1971 Project Helios

The game is set in a frozen land where 8 people team up to find Dr Margaret Blythe. Although each person in this team has their own cause, interests, and problems, in order to complete this mission, they will try to work together for this time only.

8 people must work together even if they don't want to

However, as they travel together through his harsh cold world to find the Doctor, they will eventually get to know each other. You will be the one who guides them and help them fight shoulder to shoulder. Just remember, your decisions will decide how their fate turns out with up to 3 different possible endings.

Key features

You will find new equipment for your character in various places

  • Tactical Combat: There is a total of three factions. Each faction will have its own unique traits, strategy, units, and advantages. For example, units such as Soldiers, snipers, knights, slippery bandits are unaffected by cold. To obtain the victory, you must learn your enemy's strengths and weaknesses and adapt to their move accordingly.
  • Exploration: There are many different locations in the world for you to explore such as military enclaves, medieval dungeons,... You will be able to find new equipment for your team or information about the enemies that you are about to face.
  • Skill Trees: As you obtain better gears for your characters, you will be able to unlock and upgrade new skills. Combine those skills to create a build that fits your strategy.
  • Resource Management: Make use of fulgor to revive your units, reduce cooldowns and defreeze your health.

1971 Project Helios is now under development and will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in April next year.