Personally speaking, I have always been a huge fan of  Panzer General/Corps. I know that is it quite easy for most of us to forget about those ancient games. But still, somehow my love for that genre never go always. Maybe you are not aware of it but Panzer General/Corps also has a spin-off title with the fantasy theme. That game is Fantasy General and it is almost as good as Panzer General/Corps.

Fantasy General Is Coming Back And So Does The Str
This is a gameplay screenshot of the original Fantasy General game

Fantasy General 2

Then suddenly today we have received the announcement that they will release Fantasy General 2. The developers of this sequel are Owned by Gravity while Slitherine is the one who is working on the release (it was also the publisher for Panzer Corps).

Fantasy General Is Coming Back And So Does The Str
Fantasy General 2 will stay with its original turn-based tactical root

The second installment in the series will stay with its original turn-based tactical root. But one big difference between it and the WW2 games is that it will have much more strategy and less sorcery stuff. The target of the developers with this version is to create a bigger storyline and also develop multiple campaigns.

Talking about the focus on the storyline, the dev said that they are focusing on character and story of the game. Their aim is to create hero units that could actually react to various decisions as you chose them. The hero can also leave you if you go too far from the hero's own objectives.

Multiple campaigns

Fantasy General 2 03
Just like the original, Fantasy General 2 is a mission-based game with many set-pieces and objectives

Another feature of this release is the multiple campaigns. Each campaign will focus on a different playable faction in the game. The first they have mentioned is the Barbarian faction, a blend of Celtic and Norse concepts I suppose. At first, the Barbarian will fight a civil war, but later on, they will unify themselves and go against the Empire (a kinda Roman faction I think) but with a horde of undead servants. Just like the original, the new game is a mission-based game with many set-pieces and objectives. The developers have also planned for multiplayer.

They plan to release Fantasy General 2 sometime in 2019.