Knights of Light: The Prologue is the tale about the legendary Al-Qadisiyyah battle in the 7th century in Iraq. This is the battle that has caused the fallen of the Sassanian empire. You will be playing as 2 elite soldiers who are brothers. The commander of the army is, unfortunately, unable to lead the army anymore so the right to lead the army has been given to you. You are in charge of leading the army into the war while fighting face to face with enemies at the same time. You can check out the trailer of Knights of Light: The Prologue below.

The two brothers are Qaikaa and Aassem, each one has their own different fighting styles and abilities. Qaikaa is the older brother who prefers using his strength to overwhelm opponents. He can deal a lot of damage with each hit and like to use brute force. Meanwhile, Aassem prefers to use his flexibility to perform quick attacks.

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Iraq was actually a very futile land during the Middle Ages

The game is set in the Middle Ages in Iraq, where people commonly think that it was a desert at the time. On the contrary, it was a very fruitful land with various terrains and a beautiful landscape.

Players will be combating by switching the control between their character and the army. You can access your army through a quick menu and give them orders. But you don't have to take the whole army with you the whole time. Some tasks you can do solo while some tasks you only need to complete with a few people.

Combat 96c4_wm
There are various types of weapons that are suitable for different situations

Different weapons will have different effective ranges and advantages. Switching to the right weapon in the right situation can easily win you the battle.

Knights of Light: The Prologue doesn't have a release date yet but the developer has promised to release the game on Steam's Early Access "soon."