The biggest event this August

Dota 2 is among the most popular Esports nowadays. With the booming of the Internet, the game is extremely popular in the 1 billion citizen country - China. Until now, Chinese has won 3 The International so far, bringing glory to the most populated nation in the world. In this year 2019, The International is held in the very country with 4 team Chinese teams, ready to keep the precious Aegis in the country.

Ti Promo Video 03
Last year, LGD missed the 4th Aegis for Chinese after falling to OG

With the event just around the corner, Perfect World, Valve’s representative in China has made its moves to promote the event in the country. They also released a promotion video to add public hype to the event.

The hype is on with this promo video

Historic moments

The video is on Weibo, the largest social network in China. Weibo is like the Facebook of the world where Chinese officially publish important news and updates.

The video starts out with the familiar voice of caster and the game between iG and Natus Vincere. The scene flashes out, moving on to the iconic matchup between Alliance and Natus Vincere in The International 2013.

Ti Promo Video 01
The historic moment where iG's Naga canceled the TP of Natus Vincere

Next up, the infamous Wings Gaming lineup marched on proudly in The International 2016. Lastly, the enticing grand final between PSG.LGD and OG in the latest The International 2018 showed up.

The video continued on with some of the most iconic scenes in the grand finals of TIs. The Naga song of The International 2, the million dollars Dream Coil in The International 3, the victorious moment of Wings Gaming’s Anti Mage taking down Digital Chaos all flashed out.

Ti Promo Video 02
Wings Gaming took down Digital Chaos to claim the 3rd Aegis for Chinese

The video is lively with uplifting music and caster’s voice. All add up to the hype of the promo video. What story will this year’s The International tell? We will have the answer in this mid-August in Shanghai, China.