Till the Ti9

August each year is the time for the most important Dota 2 event – The International. Most professional teams are going to Shanghai in China this year to compete in the $31+ million tournament. The International 2019 is just 2 weeks ahead. What will we do while waiting for the event?

Dreamhack Host Dota2 02
The International 2019 will take place later this month

DreamHack has recently announced a weekly tournament series for Dota 2 which is available to practically anyone. The tournament is free for everyone to sign up. Be it pros or casual Dota 2 players, you can sign up with friends to have some fun just like the weekly Battle Cup.

The online tournament series will pan out in 2 months, August and September with 16 qualifiers. Winners of each leg will proceed to face another opponent from the other side. There will be one final each month to determine the last 8 teams. The grand final of this Dota 2 event will take place on September 29.

Dreamhack Host Dota2 03
Imagine yourself in some LAN tournament with your buddies, what can be better? Real cash!

It may sound like your regular Battle Pass where you play against other teams online each weekend. However, the reward this time is much sweeter. Though regarded as “side events”, each week’s qualifier yields good money for teams who place high.

Dreamhack Host Dota2 01
Your regular Battle Cup with good cash on the line

Handsome money

The winning team gets €250 in cash. The runner-up will take €150 while the #3 team grabs €75. Compared to the 20,000 shards reward from Weekend Battle Cup, the Dreamhack tournament series is much more attractive.

Moreover, the series will feature another Midweek Madness tournament with €100. Another interesting tournament will see the eliminated players engaged in 1v1 games for the prize of €50.

Dreamhack Host Dota2 04
If you get eliminated early, worry not. You have the chance to play as SumaiL or Miracle in this 1v1 tournament

Currently, the tournament is open for registration. There is no restriction in age, team or region. However, the hosting server will be placed in Europe, which will be a trouble for the faraway region teams.

The 8 slots for the grand final event are determined as follow:

  • 2 slots for monthly grand final winners
  • 2 slots for monthly runners-ups
  • 2 highest-ranked teams from the 2 qualifiers (apart from the 4 qualified teams)
  • 2 open qualifier teams

The series has already been open for everyone. Come and have fun with your buddies. You may very well be the champion and grab some cash just like your favorite pros winning tournaments.