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Dota 2 is among one of the most competitive Esports out there. The game draws in a large crowd each year cheering up for The International. The competitive scene in Dota 2 has been impressive with many ups and downs. However, casual Dota 2 players are not getting enough attention from Valve.

Dota2 Mmr System Broken 02
Though the competitive scene is thriving, Dota 2 casual games are not that impressive

Recently, there is a surge of complaint about ranking losses in casual Dota 2. More specifically, they lost too much MMR (matchmaking ratings) after one loss. Normally, 1 loss in a ranked game would cost player around 25 MMR. Yet many people reported they lost more than they deserved.

In one thread on Reddit, one 7k (7,000) MMR player claimed he lost 300 MMR after just 4 games lost. After 7 losses in a row, he got a total of 700 MMR down, all the way to 6,300.

Some other players also acknowledged the bug did exist.

Dota2 Mmr System Broken 01
Many people experienced the same bug

Something must be wrong with the MMR system.

Another player claimed he lost 500 MMR into thin air although he did nothing.

Later on, he got some MMR back but it was still not the same as before. He was still 400 MMR short.

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Even more strange, some people gained a lot of MMR by doing apparently nothing

Obviously, one people cannot accumulate that much rank to achieve multiple medals in just that short span of time. Something must be wrong here. He did calibration earlier so the possibility of him being immortal before is impossible. It happened during the time many people claimed they got MMR bugs so it is highly likely that this is a bug too.

Is Valve neglecting the community?

Recently, Dota 2 seems unstable with some updates and fixes. This is most likely due to Valve implementing some new features or adding some big mechanics into the game. Battle Pass has yet to release some remaining rewards. This might have been the cause of the problem as they tried to add something massive to the game.

Dota2 Mmr System Broken 05
Valve should take quick actions to fix this

Bugs of this large scale have a serious impact on the Dota 2 community and need a quick fix. Valve should be reactive and try to patch this glitch before it is too late.