Dota 2, or Defense of the Ancient 2, is a competitive 5vs5 game. Due to its high level of competition, Dota 2 has become one of the most well-known Esports out there. 5 players need to work together to achieve the ultimate objective, destroying the opponent’s “ancient”.

No longer fun games

However, that is often not the case. When you are enjoying an online game, there are countless obstacles that may ruin your gaming experience. Blackout, Internet connection failure, rage, unexpected incidents … all lead to the point of one player leaving the game.

Dota2 Quitter 03
There are moments where you can't control your temper and decide to quit a game

The game is supposed to be 5 versus 5. One player leaving the game would cripple the rest 4 players. One Dota 2 game is now unbalanced and it ruins the experience for 4 players. So why do players leave their game?

According to a recent chart published by GOSU.AI, there is at least one leaver in 11.7% of Dota 2 matches.

Dota2 Quitter 01
The number of games ruined by quitters is considerably high

As you can see, the percentage of leaver ranges from 6.6% to 20.5% with Herald rank being the place where people leave the most. Higher ranked players would leave less. It seems like the higher rank, the better attitude towards the game.

The reason

However, if we look more closely into the reason why one player quit a Dota 2 match, we can have a better insight into the game.

Dota2 Quitter 02
Surprisingly, Immortal players often rage quit

Surprisingly, lower-ranked players tend to leave due to their bad PC or Internet connections. Higher ranked players quit 56.6% of the times in a rage. They are quite frustrated about playing the game to the point of quitting without any consideration for others.

Quite the contrary, most middle ranged and low ranked players often leave due to long disconnect. They seem to have problems with their gaming devices rather than willfully quitting the game. Lowest ranked players tend to get abandon by being AFK for too long. It may stand to reason that these players don’t take Dota 2 too seriously.

Dota2 Quitter 04
Higher ranked players often take the game more seriously

In conclusion, quitting a Dota 2 match is a bad action. We should consider other peoples experience before ruining the game.