A surge of money

The International 2019 will take place this mid-August. The Dota 2 tournament is one of the most expected events each year, delivering phenomenal competition and surprises. One thing that stands out the most from the event is the sky-high prize pool it boasts. Last year, OG made an unimaginable underdog run to claim the $25,532,177 event's championship.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 02
The International 2019 is currently the most funded event in Esports

The International's prize pool is contributed largely by Dota 2 fans. Valve releases Battle Pass as a way of gathering money contributed from players to make up the total prize pool. 25% total sales of Battle Pass go directly to the prize money in the event.

Dota 2 enthusiasts make up one of the craziest communities in the world of Esports. The International 2019’s prize pool skyrocketed after just around 75 days. It reached a milestone of $30 million, surpassing any other event up to this point. Apart from the initial $ 1.6 million Valve contributed, Dota 2 fans have spent around $114 million on buying digital cosmetic items.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 08
Would you believe it? This digital cosmetic item actually costs $700 or around ₹48,000

Why is The International 2019 so phenomenal?

The International 2019 Battle Pass offer privileges to Dota 2 players. They get to use some lots of cosmetic and utility items. These 2 have always been what Dota 2 fans root for. To get more rewards, Dota 2 players have to level up their Battle Pass, which costs dearly in money.

Cosmetic items

Each year, The International Battle Pass releases 3 immortal treasures. It is like the CS:GO cases which offer in-game skins for heroes. What Valve has been doing so well here is the rare and extremely rare items. They are often extremely delicate items, giving your heroes unique look and customized skill icons.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 01
Immortal treasures offer luxurious cosmetic items to fans

These immortal treasures are unique to Battle Pass each year and cannot be purchased anywhere else. It gives you the incentive to level up your Battle Pass to get more treasures. The more you open, the higher chance you get rare items.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 04
Collector's Cache purchase also contributes to The International 2019's prize pool

Moreover, when up level up your Battle Pass, you get access to some of the exclusive items that are available only in the Battle Pass. Once the Battle Pass expires, you have no other chance to get it anywhere. This year’s exclusive Earth Shaker arcana looks amazing!

Ti Exceed 30 Million 05
Impressive work from Valve

Utility items

These are the things you would love most when having fun with Dota 2. Battle Pass offers you a wide range of items to taunt or spice up the mood in the game. Dota 2 is a competitive game after all. Hyping up the game would make the game more enjoyable especially when playing with friends.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 07
Last year's The International champions are big fans of chat wheel

There are 2 kinds of perks you can use with Battle Pass. They are taunting/challenging items or chat wheel.

What would be more satisfying when wiping out the whole opponent team while screaming the long “Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb” chat wheel? It sure brings back memories of last year's phenomenal grand final between LGD Gaming and OG.

Ti Exceed 30 Million 06
This year's Battle Pass features an interesting chat wheel

There are other items that can help you taunt the opponent quite well. Beating the drum is one good way of making noise and triggering opponents. Taunts are quite fun too.

Taunts will get on your opponent's nerves

All in all, Valve is doing a good job pulling in both the crowd and money. Where there is money, there is the competition. Dota 2 is among the most successful Esports titles around the world. This is what Esports organizations should learn to do. The International 2019 is one good example of the growing success of Esports.