League of Legends is huge in Korea. Gamers from all walks of life enjoy the game, even famous idols, and celebrities do. K-pop star Sunmi is also a big fan of the game. She was a member of  Wonder Girls, one of the most popular girl bands of K-Pop's 2nd generation. And recently, she had the chance to meet her LoL idol - ShowMaker, the mid-laner of Damwon Gaming KIA, in a talk show.

Though being a fan of Showmaker, Sunmi is his senior, after all. She has quite a name in the Korean show business, so there was definitely some tension in the air. ShowMaker for sure felt the pressure, as you can easily tell by the way he looked extremely shy when meeting Sunmi.

Dwg Won 2020 Worlds
Damwon Gaming Beats Sunny to Become 2020's LoL World Champions

The mini talk-show contains 2 parts. The first was an interview, where Sunmi expressed her admiration for ShowMaker. While the K-pop star was proactive in the conversation, ShowMaker was more on the reserved side. He kept trying to turn away or avoid eye contact with Sunmi as she talked.

Sunmi Fangirl 1
Sunmi is a huge fan of Showmaker

FYI, ShowMaker was only born in 2000, so he is eight years younger than Sunmi. That combines with the nature of his profession (spending hours on the computer every day), explains the shy expression of Showmaker. He was sitting in front of someone who is not only older, more famous, but also smoking hot!

Sunmi Fangirl 3
Who can blame Showmaker to be nervous?

In the second part of the talk show, Sunmi took the stage, teaching ShowMaker how to pose like a model. The 2020's World Champion seemed much more relaxed. With Sunmi's enthusiasm, ShowMaker finally got rid of his "psychological burden" and became much more active.

Sunmi Fangirl 2
It's hard to keep yourself composed in front of a fangirl like Sunmi

At the end of the show, ShowMaker gave his "fangirl" a DWG KIA 2021 jersey with Sunmi's name. Though the K-pop star praised the gift a lot, she was not satisfied. She asked ShowMaker to sign the jersey so that she could bring it back to... show off.

As for Sunmi, she claimed to be a big fan of League of Legends and has "fallen" with ShowMaker since he and DWG KIA debuted in the LCK. With his flawless play style and likable personality, plus a World Championship title, it's hard for anyone not to love Showmaker.

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