The 3rd day of CS:GO event witnessed the clash between titans. Who walked on and who stopped their journey? Let’s find out.

Fall Of The 02
Results of the 3rd day

Definitely not a day for the Danes

The Danes got an unsuccessful day on the 3rd day of ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals.

Fall Of The 03
An unsuccessful day for the Danes

The tournament features 3 Danish teams: Astralis, North, Heroic with two in the top 10. Heroic is currently sitting on the 29th position in the world. The revamped roster looks sharp recently with the addition of two young guns: blameF and stavn.

Yet, the results looked not promising for all the 3 teams. North and Heroic were eliminated. Astralis could barely call it safe where they lost to NRG, entering the quarter-finals against Team Liquid.

Rise of the North Americans

The Americans, on the contrary, got multiple victories to secure themselves the playoffs ticket. NRG pulled off an upset against Astralis to claim the semi-finals ticket. Team Liquid punched their ways through HR 2-1 and MIBR 2-0 to secure a slot in the quarter-finals.

NRG had a successful day where Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov and Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte took turns to shine against Astralis.

Fall Of The 04
A good day for the Bulgarian AWPer

First map Train saw the stellar performance of CeRq where he topped the chart with 1.40 rating.

The second map Nuke was the stage of the Danes. Nicolai "device" Reedtz raised a few eyebrows with an insane 2.05 rating, boasting 30 frags in just 24 rounds.

Brehze stepped up on the third map, securing the semi-finals ticket for NRG with 1.32 rating.

Vintage Kenny “kennyS” Schrub is back against Heroic

We got the chance to see our favorite French sniper kennyS hitting shots, hyping the crowd. G2 has been in a slump for ages. We can never be sure when will they show up or underperform.

Fall Of The 04
Is it safe to say "kennyS is back"?

Yet in the match against the Danes, kennyS put up a flawless show of performance. The AWPer scored an astonishing 1.80 rating over 2 maps Vertigo and Dust2.

Fated match between old teammates

FaZe and mousesports have been performing well so far in the tournament. Heading into the match, karrigan got the chance to face his former mates.

Fall Of The 05
The Danish IGL is best performing under a red jersey

This felt so nostalgic, as it happened once when he was kicked out from Astralis. The Danish IGL then joined FaZe to take revenge against his former colleague.

mousesports jumped at the chance and swept FaZe in 2 maps, Train and Vertigo.

MIBR overpowered North but eventually crumbled under the power of Liquid

MIBR looked shaky recently with their bad performance. They showed problems with strategy and firepower. Yet the Brazillian managed to win a hard-fought game against the 2nd best Danish team, North.

Fall Of The 06
coldzera and Co. still have much to do if they want to become relevant in the scene again

Both Inferno and Overpass went so close that just one shining moment of each team member could have turned the tide.

However, coldzera and Co. seemed to run out of steam when they eventually fell to Team Liquid in the elimination match.

What is coming next?

We can watch the playoffs of the event.

Fall Of The 01
Only 6 teams remain

Fall Of The 07
Can Liquid defeat their archrival?

As we can see, the most interesting matchup would be Team Liquid versus Astralis. This could be regarded as a premature grand final.