Valve to soften the rules

Recently in a Tweet, StarLadder revealed an official rulebook regarding updates for its rules in the upcoming CS:GO Major in August.

Valve Allows Key Binding 02
The next Major will allow a scripted feature

According to the Tweet, pro players can now use the console to bind their keys to make their character perform 2 actions. The specific action allowed is binding the movement of jumping and throwing a smoke grenade.


With this, competitive players can press one button to perform 2 actions at the same time. This seems like a good update for the competitive scene.

There are situations where pro players have to face with rushes from Terrorist. That will require instant actions from the Counter-terrorist to prevent the enemy stampede. The quick action of jumping from a lower ground and throwing a smoke grenade will prove to be useful especially on B side of Mirage.

Valve Allows Key Binding 01
Favorite jump peek spot for Mirage CT players

Also, this will open a new window to find better smoke spots, especially from the CT or T spawn. Also, the script is a great feature in exploring new options. Many people will find out better smokes from different angles which were impossible before.

StarLadder got permission regarding the rule change from Valve. They consulted with CS:GO Professional Players’ Association. Many pro players like, Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt, and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo also agreed with the change.

Others will follow

DreamHack and BLAST event organizers also stated that they would adapt to the change and adjust their own rulebooks. It is highly likely we will see many other tournament organizers accept the jump-throw script later on.

Valve Allows Key Binding 03
BLAST Pro Series is likely to follow suit

The script has been popular in casual CS:GO. If you want to try out how it works, just start your CS:GO console and type: bind “

” “+jump; -attack; -jump.” That will give you an idea of what this script is.

The StarLadder Major will take place from Aug. 28 to September 8 in Berlin, Germany.