Vikendi is the fourth playable map in PUBG, and it comes with a distinct theme comparing to the other three locations. The zone is an isolated resort island in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. There are a huge number of locations that you can explore in this 6x6 map, especially the PUBG Vikendi secret cave. The map has been available for over a year now, on both PUBG and its mobile version.

PUBG Vikendi Map Guide

pubg mobile vikendi secret cave
A huge area filled with snow and thick forests and hills

Vikendi boasts pathways hidden in thick forests, along with the warm coast of the Mediterranean and the snowy mountain peak. There are a lot of interesting locations on the map like the Cosmodrome, Castle, Dino Park, Vinery, or Vikendi Secret Cave PUBG Mobile. Below is a complete guide from - you can check out the PUBG tag for even more articles.

How to get to PUBG Vikendi Secret Cave?

The location is hidden away in a small unassuming field on the northeastern part of the map

pubg mobile vikendi secret cave
The exact location of the site on Vikendi

The PUBG Vikendi secret cave can be accessed through three separate spots, however, all of them are covered with rocks. The only way to get through those entrances and get access to the site is to remove the rubble with either a grenade or vehicle ramming. After the rocks have been cleared up, a small tunnel would be revealed. PUBG Mobile Vikendi secret cave would still be pretty hard to see, however, as the hole actually blends in with the rock perfectly. You would hardly be able to distinguish the thing from the side of a mountain.

vikendi secret cave pubg mobile
One of the tunnels that leads into Vikendi secret cave PUBG Mobile

This cave is pretty much a treasure trove full of loot – a reward for players who managed to solve its secrets. A lot of loot types are included, from armors and guns placed on top of floor and barrels to weapon mods and ammunition. The true treasure in this Vikendi secret cave PUBG Mobile, however, are the rows of red crates that was supposed to only be available via airdrops. They contain high-quality gears that would definitely be able to increase players’ chance of victory.

pubg vikendi secret cave
Everything inside the secret cave. There are good places to hide and set up an ambush too, with the crates serving as bait

While getting to this PUBG Vikendi secret cave is already pretty difficult, getting there while under attacks from other players is even harder. While getting inside the cave first can be pretty rewarding, sometimes it is best to just come later and ambush the looting players and take the equipment from them instead. Due to the high tier of the loot, whoever comes out of this contest alive would have the best gear out in all of Vikendi.

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What to expect in the snow and which weapon to take from PUBG Vikendi secret cave

Vikendi is pretty beautiful, but behind that peaceful façade, there is a hidden danger. In this snowy landscape, you would leave around footprints when moving – your location would be easier to track. While this work for both sides, people who are not aware of this fact would not be able to use it effectively.

pubg mobile vikendi secret cave
Snowmobiles are the best type of vehicle to use on this map

Driving would be harder on Vikendi due to the snow areas – cars would be harder to control due to the slippery ice. Acceleration on this terrain is rather slow and you can even lose control of the steering wheel when the speed is picking up. Overall, it is best to find those specialized vehicles like snowmobiles to travel around. The G36C is the unique weapon for this map - it's an assault rifle/carbine hybrid that can hold up to 40 bullets.

Best Starting location on Vikendi for taking over Vikendi secret cave PUBG Mobile

For guns, it is best to go for either Castle, Dobro Mesto, Volnova or Podvosto. Those places are all relatively small, with a decent amount of loot that saves you from having to walk around.

vikendi secret cave pubg mobile
You can grab a vehicle from these locations then rush straight to the nearby PUBG Vikendi secret cave

Which strategy is the most effective in PUBG Vikendi?

The overall strategy depends on the exact situation of the game, such as the weapon you are holding, enemy locations and your positioning. However, there are a few rules that you should follow in this map to get the best result:

Dress correctly

pubg mobile vikendi secret cave
A great outfit to blend in PUBG Vikendi secret cave

While dressing as a rainbow clown is nice, it is best that you wear something appropriate for the snow map. With a grey/white/black outfit, the detection chance would be reduced greatly. In PUBG, the one who detects and shoots first would have the biggest advantage, due to the huge size of the map. If you somehow get into the map’s night mode, darker clothes would be nice as well.

Take notes of footprints

pubg mobile vikendi secret cave
Size comparison for all maps in PUBG - Vikendi is actually pretty big

Always check the ground for other players’ footprints and be conscious of your own. If you are going to set up an ambush, remember that your footprints would reveal your location to enemies nearby. Vehicles also leave tracks as well and this is unavoidable. While they would disappear eventually, there would still be enough to cause problems.

Stay quiet and efficient

It is best that you pick some guns that can hit targets farther away, as the map is almost as big as Erangel. With most of the combat being middle to long-range, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and DMRs are the best choices. You can probably get those from Vikendi secret cave PUBG Mobile.

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