PUBG Mobile, the most popular mobile game in India, has been staying on the top due to its constant stream of unique events. In this article, we would elaborate more about Guncraft Tinkerer, one of the most unique events ever released in PUBG Mobile.

What is the Guncraft Tinkerer event?

In this event, players would have to collect a certain amount of event points to unlock items like Classic Crate Coupon or AG, along with materials to custom firearms. Players would then be able to create their own gun skins.

Complete missions to collect event currency and exchange for rewards

How does it work?

To get event points, players would have to collect rewards by doing specific missions – these points can later be used to redeem for event rewards. Players are given 100 BP and 10 points for each daily login - event people who don't play much would still be able to get something out of this.

Some of the best looking patterns can only be obtained from Lucky Spin

The next tier of reward is going to be revealed once all players around the world completed a reward tier.

Lucky draw for patterns to craft your gun skins

In this event, skins can be crafted for any gun in the game – with the materials given in the event tasks. This crafting section can be found under the workshop option – players can select various patterns, textures, stickers, and colors, which can then be applied to the weapon as they see fit. Not all colors and textures are available right from the start, however - some must be purchased with event currency. The best ones must be acquired from lucky spin.

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