ESL India Premiership 2020 is going to start today – June 1, 2020. This tournament is the longest-running esports league hosted by ESL India.

The 2020 version of the ESL would contain FIFA, CS:GO, PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans. This is the first time PUBG Mobile was added to the tournament. Looks like the organizers have acknowledged the popularity of the game in India – and mobile games in general, as two other PC games were discarded.

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The roster this year for ESL

32 teams will battle for the championship in the Masters League – with 16 directly invited teams and 16 qualifier teams. Below is a list for all the participants of the tournament – the winner would grab the lion’s share of the INR 1.15 Crore prize pool.

Qualified teams:

Entity, Soul, Fnatic and Orange Rock are the biggest contenders

The 16 directly invited squads - we can see all the biggest names in the PUBG Mobile scene of the country - this tournament is going to be super exciting.

The new names from the qualifier rounds

The tournament would continue as follow:

Group Stages:

  • 32 Teams divided into 4 groups of 8 teams
  • Each would play a total of 6 matches in 2 weeks
  • Top 24 teams advance to Quarter-Finals


  • 24 Teams divided into 3 groups of 8 teams
  • Each would play a total of 6 matches in 2 weeks
  • Top 20 teams advance to Semi-Finals


  • 20 Teams would play 8 matches in 2 weeks.


  • 20 Teams would play 3 matches

After the tournament is concluded, the top 16 teams would get a spot on the next fall season of this tournament.

The official announcement tweet from ESL India's official Twitter handle

The matches would be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar on 12:20 PM of the scheduled days. Below is a video from NODWIN gaming regarding the event.

What is the schedule of the tournament?

  • Group stage: 3 days/week in 2 weeks, 1 map/day
  • Quarter-Final: 3 days/week in 2 weeks, 1 map/day
  • Semi-Final: 4 days/week in 2 weeks, 1 map/day
  • Finals: 3 days, 1 map/day

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