PUBG Mobile is growing bigger every new update – and to keep gamers excited, new modes and twists to the usual battle royale gameplay are released in every patch. According to the recent trend, with Miramar getting Sandstorms and Vikendi getting Arctic mode, it is probably Sanhok’s turn.

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There might be treasure maps available in this mode as well - with the poster depicting players checking out a map

Sanhok or codename “Savage” is probably the most invested map in PUBG. PUBG Corp’s art team has actually done some real-world trip to the corresponding location, a humid Jungle in a Southeast Asian country, to develop art. According to them, by being physically there, smelled the air, felt the breeze, and heard the sound, they would be able to create a much more immersive experience. And Sanhok is the result - the map is inspired by various islands in the Philippines and Thailand, using the Photogrammetry method to capture the surroundings to transfer into the game.

The official announcement tweet from PUBG Mobile official

And now, with the new "Mysterious Jungle" game mode, a lot of new unique elements are brought into the map. Based on various sources, both leaks and official, new elements like Totems and Hot air balloons are going to be added. Apparently, Totems would grant either buffs "blessings" or items to players who found them. As PUBG Mobile is a battle royale and not some RPG, those bonuses must be something substantial to actually matter.

Pubg Mobile New Mysterious Jungle Mode
Sanhok is the last map without a unique mode in PUBG Mobile

The other elements that are going to be added are the hot air balloons - it is not sure how this would work yet, but based on the leaks, it is likely that the balloon would be an uncontrollable version of the helicopter. Players who are riding on the Balloon would be able to survey the battlefield and might even be able to fire down on enemies below.

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