The Miramar Map of PUBG Mobile has just received a massive upgrade with a lot of changes – from new locations, new features, new weather effects… The changes also swap around the drop places a little. In this article, we are going to list out some of the best locations to get the most useful items on this map, the Flare Gun.

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The Mad Miramar update has changed the experience dramatically

1 – Flare Guns Locations

Flare guns and its crate drop weapons are probably the highest contested item in PUBG Mobile, as every gun from the crate is super powerful. If you managed to get your hand on something like an AWM or Mk14 from a crate, your chances of victory would be increased dramatically. These weapons have amazing long range one-shot potential, which is super useful in a big map like Miramar.

The top three are red, while the other likely spawn areas are yellow

The Top 3 locations with the biggest probability for a Flare Gun to spawn are the Pecado, Hacienda Del Patron and Prison. These three locations are highly contested hot zones – with one or even multiple guns guaranteed to spawn. In Pecado, you need to get to either the Arena, the Casino, the Hotels, or the L-buildings. The brick house is Prison’s spawn spot while in Hacienda it’s the Villa.

The AWM is the most damaging weapon in PUBG Mobile

Besides the top three, there are some other locations with slightly lower chances. As you are probably not going to visit the above 3 towns every time you are on Miramar, we are going to list the rest of the locations on a small list below.

  • Graveyard: Check out the Church and the Burial Ground for the Flare Gun
  • Impala: The Church
  • San Martin: No fixed locations
  • Power Grid: Warehouses
  • Los Leones: The brick warehouses, the yellow restaurants or the tall, blue-trimmed office buildings
  • El Pozo: The Boxing Ring
  • Monte Nuevo: The Coliseum

2 - Mad Miramar Sandstorm Secrets

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A secret crate can be found in the middle of the sandstorm

You should keep an eye on the minimap when dropping in order to find the original location of the Sandstorm on Miramar map. On both the original version and the beta, there would be a crate spawned in the middle of the storm, named "Miramar's supply crate". If you land in the middle of the storm and loot it, you would get a Flare gun... so that you can call the real crate to get a weapon.

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