Karakin is the fifth map that was released for PUBG – with an array of new exciting features that no other maps in the game have. It is expected that Karakin is going to be ported for PUBG Mobile soon, during the upcoming patches. In this article, we would list out five unique features of the map and how they affect the general gameplay.

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The island is super small, with only half a dozen loot places

1 - Karakin's size

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A bunker contains weapons

It is the smallest map in PUBG, with a modest size of 2x2 square kilometers. With the size of the map being 16 times smaller than Erangel, you can expect to get into a fight as soon as you land, no matter where your landing location is. Because of this, luck would play a bigger part in the fight - if you managed to get your hand on a long range weapon early, your survival chance is boosted dramatically higher. To balance this out, PUBG devs have even boosted the AR spawn rate for this map.

2 - 64 players classic mode

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Walls can be blown up with explosives

64 is still too many, with the map being much smaller than the usual PUBG battlefield. This is another attempt to balance the game out, as Karakin probably has hit the critical limit for the number of players. You would definitely be able to boost your score faster playing this map.

3 - Underground bunkers

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Underground tunnels

This would be the first map of PUBG with three levels of elevations - both tall buildings on the surface and underground bunkers and tunnels. These are known as "smugglers' tunnels". Not every bunker has a tunnel and not all tunnels are connected to each other. Combat in these tunnels is often pretty nasty, due to the cramped nature and lack of cover.

4 - Breakable walls and floors

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Sticky bombs that attach itself on surfaces

Players can create their own shortcuts through walls and floors using the sticky bomb. This, in turn, creates yet another level of strategy, as you can use the map to flank your enemies at an unexpected angle. Some of the walls can even be shot through - you can even score kills if your enemy is hiding directly behind that.

5 - Black Zone

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Black Zone would destroy everything on its path

The black zones in Karakin are even more dangerous than the red ones - they can even destroy buildings. Players would be forced out of cover immediately into the camping sites of their enemies - this further drives up the speed and action of combat on Karakin.

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