In PUBG Mobile or any Shooters in general, Sniper Rifles would be the weapon class with unparalleled damage, accuracy, and range, in exchange for its extremely slow rate of fire. It is a deadly weapon that could serve you very well in your rank-climbing road.

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The dream combo of a ghillie suit and an AWM

In this guide, we would list out everything you need to know about the sniper rifles and how to get better at using them.

1 – Types of Sniper Rifles

There are 4 Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile: Win94, Kar98k, M24, AWM. They can then be divided into three groups, based on the type of ammunition they use.

The Win94 uses the .45acp ammo – it cannot deal enough damage in exchange for all those weaknesses. At least in the newest update, Mad Miramar, the thing comes with a default scope so that it would not be completely unusable. The Win94 is not worth using at all.

The scope of the Winchester is pretty crappy

The Kar98k and the M24 use the 7.62 mm ammo type, which can deal insane damage to enemies. Both guns can kill players with level 1 and 2 helmets easily with just one headshot, but the M24 has higher body shot damage. The Kar98k made up for that with drop rate – it can be found anywhere while the M24 only spawns on Airdrop Crates.

The M24 is only slightly stronger than the Kar98k

The AWM is the strongest Sniper Rifle in the game – its 300 Magnum ammo can instant kill a player equipped with a level 3 helmet with a headshot. Its body shot damage is about the same as the M24, however. AWM is also a Drop Crate item.

2 – How to get better at Sniping in PUBG Mobile

Get a good scope

A Sniper Rifle is pretty much worthless until you have found a decent 6x or 8x scope to use in conjunction with it. If you are playing squad, try to ask your team to leave you one. Stuff like cheek pad, suppressor or extended quickdraw magazine are decent, but optional.

A 6x/8x scope is definitely needed for a sniper rifle to be usable

Aim for the head

It is pretty hard to hit an enemy with a sniper rifle a second time, due to the longer load time and their random movements – they might be already healed the next encounter. That’s why you need to make every shot count by just aiming for the head.

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Try to aim for the head every time you use the Sniper Rifle to get a possible instant kill

Practice makes perfect

As sniper rifles are pretty rare – you would not be able to get your hand on them every match. Because of that, training mode is probably the best way to practice using this weapon. Head there to dust up your skill for a few minutes every day then head to the real battlefield.

Get the high ground

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Get the high ground as often as possible - they provide a lot of advantages to every weapon, not just sniper rifles.

To shoot at something far away, you would need a direct line of sight to the target, and the covers scattered all around would often prevent that. By getting yourself onto a vantage point, you would be able to detect and follow your target with the Sniper much easier.

Moving occasionally

It is best to move around occasionally when reloading or firing to prevent enemies from detecting your current location.

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