Every online game worth their salt would release a summer event – and PUBG Mobile is not an exception. This June, with a brand new summer event named Summer Land, players would get to experience a whopping 10 time-limited activities with a lot of unique rewards.

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"Adventure" would be the theme of this PUBG Mobile season. The totem is a North America native structure, however, and can never be found in a jungle.

As every part comes with their own time limit, we would list out the activities that are still available on the list below.

1 – Log in event

This part is pretty straightforward – players only need to complete the login missions to get an array of rewards. The event would end tomorrow, on June 4.

2 – 1 UC treasure raid

Spend your UP on a lottery for those permanent gun skins - this event completely depends on luck

A lottery event to clear out the excess UC from your purchases. Nothing much to explain here – the more vouchers you buy the higher the chance for the reward. Each Treasure Voucher purchased would also give you 2AG and 10BP. The event would last until June 19.

3 – Jungle Adventure

The event would last until June 14, hosted exclusively on the Sanhok map. Players would have to find Hot Air Balloons on the map, use them to search for Totems, which would then be used to get a “Lost Trunk”. This item can be exchanged for random rewards, which include totem fragments. You would be able to exchange for the final reward with all 7 fragments. Prepare for a lot of grinding on Sanhok.

4 – Online Reward

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You can just keep the game online on your phone to get the rewards if you are unable to play

This event would go live tomorrow and last until June 11 – players would only need to spend 40 minutes playing the game to get the rewards.

5 – Lucky Egg

Whatsapp Image 2020 05 31 At 15 29 14 4
Get the hammers to smash the eggs for various rewards - the summer version would be the same

This event would occur between June 12 to June 23. In “Lucky Egg”, players would have to complete 3 missions every day to get 3 lucky hammers to smash the eggs. If players managed to complete all missions every day, they would have a chance to get an extra reward.

6 – Road Trip

This event would occur between June 13 to June 25. This is a cooperative event, in which up to 5 people can earn diesel by completing quests every day. The diesel can then be used to advance the vehicle – rewards would be given based on how far you got.

7 – Daily Deal Pack

This event would occur between June 17 to July 1. In this event, players would be able to purchase daily packs which contain Crate Coupon Scrap x1, Event Scrap x1, and Crate Coupon Scrap x1. These scraps can be used to redeem the rainforest-themed costume on the Event Page. There is a special bonus for the first pack purchased.

8 – Sanhok Relic Hunt

Another adventure in Sanhok - this time, the players would have to find the mysterious feathers using maps

This event would occur between June 24 and July 6.

Players must complete daily missions and matches in Sanhok to get Mysterious Feathers. While the daily missions are straightforward enough, getting the feathers in Sanhok is pretty tricky. Players would have to get a Treasure map from a random loot spot, activate them to find the coordinate of the feathers, get to that spot and loot them.

Feathers acquired can then be used to exchange for various exciting rewards.

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