PUBG Mobile has always been trying to improve the playing experience with new game modes and features. Amongst them, Payload mode is probably the most appreciated, with amazing explosive combat between helicopters and rocket launchers. While the mode is plenty good already, there is still room for improvement. Now, with the release of the June update, there have been a few surfacing leaks online about the upcoming Payload Mode 2.0 and its improvements over the original version.

The game would mainly become vehicle combat in the update

In this article, we would list out everything that was revealed from those leaks. The Payload Mode 2.0 is already released on the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace.

1 - New and Modified vehicles

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Players would be able to drive and fire weapons at the same time

The vehicle system would be expanded greatly – there would be extremely weird stuff like Advanced UAZs or Modified Dacias. Besides the usual Rocket Launchers, these above vehicles would be equipped with a lot more advanced weaponry like Machine Guns and Flamethrower. These new toys would definitely give players a new and exciting battle royale experience.

2 – New Helicopters

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The advanced helicopter with some extra features

In Payload 2.0, advanced helicopters would be added to the mode to replace the normal ones – they would come equipped with an array of advanced weapons. Instead of the “helicopter vs player” like the in the original Payload mode, fights would now occur between weaponized vehicles and helicopters instead.

3 – New Drone

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The attack drone

The best features that were added into this mode is probably the flying drones – players can control them remotely using the remote added on the screen. They can be used to eliminate hostiles inside buildings or in the open.

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