PUBG Mobile’s new Jungle Adventure mode was just taken down by Tencent, after only less than a week since the beginning of the event. A lot of players have been enjoying this mode on Sanhok – mainly because of the weird elements like buffs and balloons that were added into the map – it is a shame that the mode was taken down. The reason behind this is the outrage from many Muslim players around the globe.

What is the Jungle Adventure mode?

It is a twist of the usual PUBG Mobile experience, with mysterious fruits, totems and hot air balloons – giving the game an air of South American exploration. A tribal style soundtrack would also be played softly in the background as well.

The totem is more or less a parody of the Native American version

However, the mode is not even scientifically correct, as totems like that do not belong in this kind of jungle. It is pretty much a parody of sorts to the Native American's totems.

Why was it removed?

The main reason for the outrage is the presence of a feature that lets you regain HP and earn other bonuses by praying in front of a totem. Many Muslim players do not agree to this – to them, this is an insult, as idol worship is an Islamic sin.

Twitter is filled with angry messages like this

What does Tencent do?

Because of this, the hashtag ‘Ihdhifou Lo’bat PUBG’ or “uninstall PUBG” has been trending in Arabic. This is pretty dangerous, as the game would definitely lose players if the situation is allowed to continue – along with the PR nightmare that it causes.

The jungle mode could come back in a later date

Tencent has no choice but to remove the game mode and publish an official apology.

“We are deeply sorry that some features in the game have offended some of our players. We respect the values, traditions, and practices of our players and regret the hurt and anguish that we’ve caused. We have removed the distressing gesture and are removing the relevant visuals.”

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