PUBG Mobile has taken over the Indian market by storm, mainly due to its amazing gameplay and its approachable price tag of 0 INR. PUBG Mobile’s developer, Tencent, has picked the “cosmetic” approach, made all essential features of the game free while making money from non-essential elements. It is actually a great model – a “whale” or "rich player" would buy a lot. For the other players without much money for games, they used another strategy: the semi subscription model “royale pass”.

Pubg Mobile Royale Pass
The first royale pass quintupled PUBG Mobile's revenue in just one week

In this article, we would list out the four reasons behind people’s purchases of PUBG Mobile’s battle pass and whether or not it affects gameplay.

1 – Showing support for the developers

Paying money for entertainment is not something new. If you can pay to watch a movie, which is just 2 hours of entertainment, you can pay to support the developers in PUBG Mobile, which can provide you with hundreds of hours. For some people, this is a great way to show some gratitude toward the awesome game.

2 – The collector/hoarder

Some people just like to collect all the items that they are not unlikely to touch more than a few times. This is one of the pitfalls for collecting cosmetics in online gaming – pumping money into PUBG Mobile could become a habit, with a new royale pass releases every month.

There are just so many things you would barely use at all

3 – Showing off your wealth

The concept of premium gamers is actually pretty deep among the Gaming communities in India. Buying the Royale Pass or its Elite version is definitely an essential thing to do in order to show off. Instead of grinding, some people can just buy themselves into the costume on the first day playing.

4 – Peer pressure

PUBG Mobile is often played with friends and people you know in the Indian gaming community, and when all your friends have the pass, you might be convinced to buy it too.

Wallpapersden Com Pubg Mobile 3000x1687
Try to blend into the environment with these flashy costumes

Overall, for such a visual-centric game like PUBG Mobile, the flashy costume is actually a "Pay to Lose" feature, as you would not be able to blend into your environment wearing a colorful suit and gun. When playing in a serious tournament, a lot of players switch into their "battle cosmetics", which are mono-colored sets of clothing that could serve as camouflage.

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