PUBG Mobile Is probably one of the most competitive shooters out there on mobile. No matter how good a player is, it is a team game – they have to work together in order to progress. And in a team, each player would get assigned a role based on their strengths and weaknesses in order to maximize the team’s potential.

In this article, we would explain more about the key roles in PUBG Mobile Pro Teams.

1 – IGL or In Game Leader

This is probably the most important position in a PUBG Mobile team. The most experienced and respected person in the squad should take the command role – they would have to make strategies and adapt them based on the rotation of the zones, along with other critical decisions like when to fights.

600px Aman
Aman is the current IGL of team Soul

They must also know the terrain of the map and predict the landing spots of other teams as well. Leaders can relay their orders directly or through a “filter” or second in command.

2 – Assaulter/Entry Fragger

Assaulter or Entry Fragger is usually the first person to open the engagement – more often than not, they would be the most skilled in the team. A member with this role would lead the squad while rushing towards enemies – one of the requirements to be an Entry Fragger is the ability to fight in close range engagements.

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Jonathan is probably India's best fragger at the moment. He was on the individual MVP board in PMCO 2019

3 – Support

The job of a support is to provide cover fire, smoke, and reviving teammates. This is probably the most underrated role in the team – there should always be someone to back the frontliner up and revive them if needed. A leader can play support as well.

Entity Zgod Pubg Mobile
Zgod, the current supporter of TSM Entity

4 – Sniper

This is the long-range specialist of the team – having a dedicated sniper is really beneficial for a team in PUBG Mobile, as sniper rifles are unparalleled in medium/long-range fights. With sniper support, a squad can take down a member of the enemy team from afar to create an immediate advantage for your team to rush in.

5 – Scout

A sniper or IGL can also be a scout – their job is to examine the nearby areas for possible hostiles and search around for covers. Information is then relayed to the IGL so that call-outs can be made. Almost all the roles above can be set overlapped on top of each other.

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