Andy the Puppet master has been hinted for release by PUBG Mobile’s devs for quite a while – making everyone pretty hyped. PUBG Mobile rarely adds new characters, after all. The wait is almost over now, with Andy’s release scheduled to happen tomorrow.

1 – Andy’s release date

The fourth character of PUBG Mobile, Andy, is almost here.

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The steampunk theme of this puppet master skin is actually pretty unique

He would be available from June 13 onward in Andy’s Revenge patch. He would come with special abilities, voice, outfit and much more. He might also join at the end of the event, on June 16.

2 – New Event: Andy’s puppet show

This is a simple login event that offers players rewards for just accessing the game every day. It would last from June 11 to June 16. The first 3 rewards have been revealed – players would get 1 Classic Crate coupon on the first day, 5 character shards, and 60 character vouchers on the second and third day.

The puppet show of this event would tell the backstory of Andy – how he was attacked and how his voice was damaged beyond repair. To get his revenge, Andy taught himself how to use weapons. This character would cost 1200 UC to purchase - however, it is possible to use character vouchers to reduce or remove the cost altogether.

The exclusive emotes of Puppetmaster Andy

You would be awarded an EvoGround bonus after completed the event, which increases the speed of drawing and holstering weapons by 16 percent. This bonus matches Andy’s special ability, which also does the same thing. You can probably stack the two bonuses for to switch between guns even faster.

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