While an Assault Rifle is the best choice in BGMI, you would not be able to get your hand on one 100% of the time. If that happens, SMG or Submachine Gun is the second-best choice. They are easy to use and can dish out an incredible amount of damage at close to medium range.

Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5most powerful SMGs to use in BGMI 2022.

1. Micro Uzi

The Micro Uzi is best at non-aimed hip spraying due to its ultra-fast rate of fire, the highest in the class. Its high rate of fire increases the overall DPS to make up for its limited base damage. This is why the Uzi is the best submachine gun in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Micro Uzi Is A Favorite Gun Of Pro Player
Micro Uzi is a favorite gun of pro players

2. MP5K

MP5K is the second best submachine gun in BGMI. Not only is it stable and accurate, but its DPS is also very powerful. Despite its high firing rate and bullet velocity, the barrel of MK5K does not shake much. This ensures high accuracy for this SMG and make it very easy to use.

Furthermore, it supports all scopes, except for the 8x.

Mp5k Bgmi
MP5K is a must-have weapon for assaulters.

3. Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun is the hardest SMGs to use, due to its high recoil. It can hold up to 50 bullets per load which is enough for a team clutch if you can control the gun well. While this gun has the highest damage and largest ammo capacity, it cannot be equipped with any sights for attachments. Players would have to use the iron sight every time.

Besides, Tommy Gun uses .45 ACP ammo which causes significant damage per hit.

Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun is excellent for the close-range clutch.

4. Vector

The Vector has the highest raw damage amongst SMG in the game. It also has a high rate of fire and low recoil, which makes it a reliable gun in close combat. However, this SMG has the smallest ammo capacity that is only 19 - 33 rounds per load. Therefore, it's hard for 1vs2 situations unless you have great shooting skills. It's better than UZI and Tommy Gun because it supports all the scopes from holo to 6x scope.

It is very important that you get your hand on an extended magazine as soon as possible, as the original 13 bullet magazine would run out immediately.

Vector Pubg Mobile
Vector has the smallest ammo capacity.

5. UMP45

The UMP45 is an amazing all-rounder weapon. It has decent overall stats, with a fast fire rate, decent damage per hit, a huge clip and low recoil. However, the UMP45's low bullet velocity is a problem, which makes it fall short in combat against other SMGs. For example, in the combat between UMP and UZI, Micro UZI can knock down UMP faster due to the higher bullet velocity.

Additionally, the UMP45 has a longer range than other guns in its class and therefore can be used as a secondary weapon – you can even pair it with a sniper rifle.

UMP45 is very reliable.

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